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The Warriors (Part 2)

(11) 1961 Philadelphia Warriors (46-33) vs. (50) 1995 Golden State Warriors (26-56)

This team was led by Pickles Johnson (maybe he wasn’t the best ((and he was there for only 7 games)), but his name makes him the leader by default…Pickles Johnson….Why did he feel the urge to be called Pickles…), and Wilt Chamberlain (38-27). Paul Arizin thrived with 23-9, Tom Gola had 14-9-4, and Guy Rodgers had 13-7-9. Pretty good team…even though they got SWEPT by the Nationals…a sweeping sensation across the nation! (Sorry, that’s by Walt Frazier impersonation…The Warriors were stumbling and bumbling, while Syracuse swooped and hooped.).

Chris Mullin played only a few games, averaging 19 a game in them, but was outshone by the performances of Sprewell (21-4-4) and Tim Hardaway (20-3-9). No one else really consistently played, or shone…that may be an explanation to their record……

(12) 1973 Golden State Warriors (47-35) vs. (49) 2009 Golden State Warriors (29-53)

Let’s welcome Rick Barry back after his stupid ABA trip! Rick had 22-9-5 this season, while Jeff Mullins excelled with 18-5-4. Nate Thurmond had a great 17-17 year, and Cazzie Russell gave 16 a night, on a team that couldn’t get past LA (and who can blame them, LA was incredibly good back then…)

Nobody good played 60 games this year….Stephen Jackson was closest, with 59, while averaging 21-5-7. Jamal Crawford had 20 a night in 54 games, Monta Ellis played only 25 games of 19-4-4, and Corey Maggette had 19 a game in 51 games. Ugly, very ugly.

(13) 1977 Golden State Warriors (46-36) vs. (48) 1997 Golden State Warriors (30-52)

Nothing extra special…Rick Barry had 22-5-6 this year, while Jamaal Wilkes had 18-8-3, and they also got 19 points from Phil Smith. A rookie Robert Parish (9-7) lurked in the background.

Chris Mullin (15-4-4) would be traded to Indiana in the offseason, but he’d return a few years later to a bench role. Sprewell had 24-5-6 this season, and a young Joe Smith added in 19-9. They got basically nothing else, except for 11-3-5 from an old Mark Price.

(14) 1982 Golden State Warriors (45-37) vs. (47) 1986 Golden State Warriors (30-52)

This team featured two incredible scorers, Bernard King (23-6-4), and World B Free (23-3-5). Joe Barry Carroll had 17-8, and they also got 14-4-3 from Purvis Short, and 7-11 from Larry Smith.

This is Chris Mullin’s NBA debut, with 14-2-2 coming from it, stuck behind Joe Barry Carroll (21-9…most don’t seem to consider him really good, but he is still a pretty good player….and most only now him from the Parish/McHale trade), and Purvis Short (26-5-4). Sleepy Floyd manned the backcourt with 17-4-9, and 10-11 came from Larry Smith.

(15) 1967 San Francisco Warriors (44-37) vs. (46) 1983 Golden State Warriors (30-52)

Very strong team here, as they made the Finals, yet lost to the very dominant Sixers team. This season saw young phenom Rick Barry wiz 36-9-4 past you every night. Nate Thurmond played very well, grabbing 19-21 a night. George Lee had the interesting trivia fact of that he scored second most per 48 minutes ever…Yes, that’s right, in one game, he scored 12 points in 5 minutes, good for a 115 average per 48 minutes. Who’s first? That’s right, the ever important, immortal……….Chuck Nevitt, with an astounding 144 points per 48 minutes (3 points in one minute…which ended his career….). The  most games played at that high of a level, is three, by Jackie Butler, who had 96 points per 48 minutes, in 3 games. He was so highly favored, he signed a deal before that epic season worth 2 million for 3 years….and those were the last 3 games of his career….Houston stopped paying in 2009 (he got traded there in the Luis Scola deal). Whoops, got off topic….Jeff Mullins had 13-5-3 on a very good team….

World B Free was traded to Cleveland that year, but they had Joe Barry Carroll (love his “Joe Barely Cares” nickname…) for 24-9. 21 points came from Purvis Short. Bernard was traded for Michael Ray Richardson before the year, but he was traded to New Jersey during the year, while dazzling for 13-4-7-3 steals.

(16) 1974 Golden State Warriors (44-38) vs. (45) 1970 San Francisco Warriors (30-52) 

Decent team….Rick Barry had 25-7-6, Cazzie Russell had 21 points, Jeff Mullins had 16-4-4, and Nate Thurmond had 13-14. Simple as that….(No I’m not trying to make up for that huge, damn-this-is-stupid paragraph above…)

I think that this team’s record is deceiving…Until you realize Nate Thurmond (22-18) played limited games…(Don’t you think Nate Thurmond is underrated ((and I know you are thinking “oh crap, not another random note…I feel your pain))? I mean, he wasn’t…dominant, but not many are. He’s a consistently great center….kinda like a better-Robert-Parish-stuck-on-worse-teams…If you know what I mean….), but Jeff Mullins had 22-5-5 (one other note…I find that it seems a lot of….offensive oriented players seem to had big point totals (really?), and then they have rebounds-assists as the same number…like 25-4-4…when I see that, I think, that could be World B Free….I’ve been thinking about this for a long time….I’ve been holding it in for forever, and decided to splurge on the irrelevant-notes-that-everyone-hates during the Warriors time…). Jerry Lucas was traded here at the beginning of the year, and he had a successful 15-14 year. Joe Ellis had 16-8, and 11-11 came from Clyde Lee.

(17) 1991 Golden State Warriors (44-38) vs. (44) 1963 San Francisco Warriors (31-49)

This is a really good team….till you get past the best three players….Who are they? Chris Mullin (26-5-4), Tim Hardaway (23-4-10), and Mitch Richmond (24-6-3). You might say “Holy Snowmen! That’s a great team!” until you see that no one else is relevant….

Welcome to San Fran! Thanks for sucking really bad! Wilt had 45-24, Guy Rodgers had 14-5-10, and Meschery had 16-10. Doesn’t seem very strong at all….

(18) 1968 San Francisco Warriors (43-39) vs. (43) 1954 Philadelphia Warriors (29-43)

Barry decided he’d like to play in the ABA, so…..Rudy LaRusso took led??? He had 22-9….I never even knew he played for San Fran…I only know him from LA….Nate Thurmond had 21-22-4, while 19 points came from Fred Hetzel, and Jeff Mullins had 19-6-4. 12-14 was what Clyde Lee put up….

Time to say bye to Joe Fulks…he played his last games, averaging a meager 3-2-1. Arizin was still of in Korea, and Neil Johnston was still putting up big numbers, those of 24-11 quality. Joe Graboski had 13-9.

(19) 1978 Golden State Warriors (43-39) vs. (42) 2006 Golden State Warriors (34-48)

Get ready Rick Barry, your flight is leaving soon. He signs off to Houston (who we cover next), and Golden State receives only meager compensation (because I’m going to assume you don’t know what it is, you get treated to another note….Have you heard of the reverse clause? It bound players to teams after their contract expired for one year. When the ABA-NBA merger occurred, it was shot down by the Courts. Instead, team receive players when one of their players signs elsewhere…The teams decide who gets sent over, and if they can’t, the league does…The compensation was John Lucas…I know you say that’s not meager…but that’s it for Barry!). Barry had had 23-6-5 that year….It’s not like he sucked that year….These guys also had Phil Smith for 20-4-5, Robert Parish for 13-8, and Clifford Ray for 9-10.

Not good at all….Jason Richardson had 23-6-3, and Baron Davis had 18-4-9, but in only 54 games. Troy Murphy had 14-10, and Derek Fisher had a career best (scoring) year, averaging 13-3-4.

(20) 1989 Golden State Warriors (43-39) vs. (41) 2005 Golden State Warriors (34-48)

The team is slipping close to .500 here…well they have been for a while, but still. This team is half-decent…they feature 27-6-5 from Chris Mullin, and a respectable 22-6-4 from Mitch Richmond. Winston Garland had 15-4-6, and Ralph Sampson made a cameo (6-5). Manute Bol swatted 4 shots a night… 

Let’s welcome Baron Davis to Golden State! He came over in a midseason deal for….that’s right, Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis! He played less than 30 games here, but he had a decent 20-4-8 in them. Richardson had 22-6-4, and Troy Murphy had 15-11. 

Part 3 Soon....

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