Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Grizzlies

Time for Memphis…Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay….and Big Country Bryant Reeves! Hell yeah! Let’s get started.

(1) 2004 Memphis Grizzlies (50-32) vs. (16) 1999 Vancouver Grizzlies (8-42)

No lies, 50 effing wins! 5-0! I’m sorry Memphis….how the hell did this happen again (and then they get swept by San Antonio…)? This is NOT a good team….This is actually funny. I have no recollection of this (or even of the Griz EVER being good….). Anyway (I’m sorry Memphis….it’s shock…Seriously, when DID this happen?), Pau Gasol had 18-8-3, and James Posey had 14-5. After that….Bonzi Wells had 12-3 (in 59 games), Mike Miller had 11-3-4, Jason Williams (White Chocolate!) had 11-2-7, and Shane Battier had 9-4. How did they win 50??!?!?!? I can’t believe it….

Lockout year….Bryant Reeves stops being productive at all, as he plays only 25 games this year (I know it’s a half year…but still…), and breaks his 16+ point streak….We’ve witnessed the slippage of the best player (at this point) in Grizzlies history….moment of silence please. Shareef Abdur-Rahim led them with 23-8 (he’s their new best player…he isn’t that bad…at least for such a short period…) and Mike Bibby (as a rookie) had 13-3-7…nothing else any good on this one though….And nothing good came of it. Steve Francis was drafted, and demanded a trade. Pretty stupid managing…he told them he wouldn’t play…and they draft him….He was so close to tears…Can’t blame him. Who would want to play on a crappy team in Vancouver?

(2) 2006 Memphis Grizzlies (49-33) vs. (15) 1997 Vancouver Grizzlies (14-68)

So….Nothing special. Pau Gasol had 20-9-5, Mike Miller had 14-5, and Shane Battier had 10-5. And they got swept by Dallas. *Yawn*.

Yeah, this is even worse. Shareef Abdur-Rahim had 19-7, Bryant Reeves had 16-8, and Anthony Peeler had 15-3-4….This got Antonio Daniels for them…

(3) 2011 Memphis Grizzlies (46-36) vs. (14) 1996 Vancouver Grizzlies (15-67)

My bet to win the Memphis tourney. They had Zach Randolph (20-12), and, despite losing Rudy Gay (20-6), they still won their first playoff games ever (7 to be exact…knocking off 1 seeded San Antonio…). Marc Gasol was the center, averaging 12-7, while Mike Conley was the point, averaging 14-3-7, while OJ Mayo had 11 points a night. Shane Battier was shipped in mid-year, for bust Hasheem Thabeet.

Year 1 one Vancouver….this is hideous. Greg Anthony had 14-3-7, and Bryant Reeves debuted for 13-7. Blue Edwards had 13-4, and Byron Scott had 10-2-2….Lucky for them, Shareef Abdur-Rahim came from this train wreck…..Awful.

(4) 2005 Memphis Grizzlies (45-37) vs. (13) 1998 Vancouver Grizzlies (19-63)

Another rare positive(ish) year for Memphis…Pau had 18-7, Mike Miller had 13-4-3, Jason Williams had 10-2-6, and Shane Battier had 10-5….Swept by the Suns this time…

Bad…as usual….Reef had 22-7, Reeves had 16-8, and Blue Edwards had 11-3-3. Antonio Davis debuted for 8-2-5…and was gone by next year (on to get a ring in Texas…). Otis Thorpe was traded here from Detroit for a 2004 draft pick…top 1 protected….And it was 2…which was the difference between LeBron in Memphis and nothing in Detroit, and Darko in Detroit and nothing in Memphis…spectacular…Mike Bibby came from this.

(5) 2010 Memphis Grizzlies (40-42) vs. (12) 2008 Memphis Grizzlies (22-60)

Great. We know get to slosh through the sub-.500 teams. Nothing great…Zach Randolph had 21-12, Rudy Gay had 20-6, OJ Mayo had 18-4-3, and Marc Gasol had 15-9…Nothing special…but may get to the Finals in Memphis….

This got them Kevin Love (traded for OJ Mayo…). In the meantime, Rudy Gay (20-6) had to take over this team, as Pau Gasol (aka best player in Griz history…) gets robbed from them….Mike Miller had 16-7, on an overall bad team.

(6) 2003 Memphis Grizzlies (28-54) vs. (11) 2007 Memphis Grizzlies (22-60)

Well that was a big drop. And this is basically Pau Gasol’s (19-9) team, at least until Mike Miller (13 points) comes over from Orlando. Jason Williams had 12-3-8, and Lorenzen Wright had 11-8.

This is Rudy Gay’s rookie year (11-5), but in the meantime, this is Gasol’s team (21-10). Mike Miller had 19-5-4…

(7) 2009 Memphis Grizzlies (24-58) vs. (10) 2000 Vancouver Grizzlies (22-60)

The team has some valuable young pieces, led by Rudy Gay (19-6), and Marc Gasol (12-7). OJ Mayo had some key scoring, averaging 19-4. Hakim Warrick had 12-5…

Meh…not very good at all. Shareef had 20-10 (a highlight), and Bryant Reeves had 9-6 (a lowlight). Michael Dickerson had 18-3-3, Mike Bibby had 15-4-8, and all they get is Stromile Swift from this. 

(8) 2001 Vancouver Grizzlies (23-59) vs. (9) 2002 Memphis Grizzlies (23-59)

Our last matchup (thank god…). This is a straight year matchup…one is the last year in Vancouver, and one is the first in Memphis…in Vancouver, Shareef had 21-9-3, Michael Dickerson had 16-3-3, and Mike Bibby had 16-4-8…Want to know what happened after the year? Too bad…just read the next paragraph.

After 2001 (when they moved to Memphis), they rebuilt their team by trading Reef to Atlanta for the shiny new rookie Pau Gasol (18-9), while Bibby got sent off to Sactown, for White Chocolate, Jason Williams (15-3-8). Shane Battier (14-5-3) was also drafted…yet they got only 23 wins….

MEMPHIS IS DONE!!!! Yay! Gasol, Gay, Reeves….yeah, yeah, yeah….basically an irrelevant team.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies! Next, Alonzo, Shaq, Wade all featured in a South Beach Party!

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