Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Celtics (Part 1)

Ahh….the Celtics. Considered by many to be the best franchise of all time. They had Cousy, Russell, Havlicek, Bird, McHale, Parish, Pierce and more great names. When you see the Celtics, you see a winning tradition (well, unless you missed Bird, then you see a crappy team). There are also 60 series here (aughh!). So keep reading to see them, along with (an attempt at minimal) Celtics bias. (Trying something new here...splitting up the teams into is part 1).

(1) 1973 Boston Celtics (68-14) vs. (60) 1997 Boston Celtics (15-67)

What?!? I thought maybe a Russell or Bird team would be the best of all-time for Boston?? Who are they?!?!?!? Yes. The ’73 Celtics. And no, they did not win a title. Havlicek got injured. There are many people that could be considered “the leader”, but we’ll say it’s the ’73 MVP, Dave Cowens, who had a 21-16-4 year. John Havlicek was also dominant; he put up 24-7-7 in a promising year. Jo Jo White had a 20-5-6, along with a great 13-13 year from defender Paul Silas. Don Nelson and Don Chaney also helped, adding double digit scoring to the mix.

And with every best team, there is a worst. The Celtics were led by Rick Pitino as coach, as they gunned for the hyped Tim Duncan. A 20-year old Antoine Walker led them with 18-9, with David Wesley having 17-4-7 year. Rick Fox, Todd Day, and Eric Williams all added 15 points.

(2) 1986 Boston Celtics (67-15) vs. (59) 2007 Boston Celtics (24-58)

Here is the famous ’86 title team, featuring many players close to or at their peak. You must love the camaraderie of the best of the best, with Larry Bird (26-10-7) leading the way. World class “these-guys-are-supporters?” feature Kevin McHale (21-8-3) and the Panda Express, and the boring-yet-key Robert Parish (16-10-2). This is one of the greatest passing teams of all-time, with bigman Bill Walton leading the bench, at an underrated 8-7-2. Who can forget DJ (16-3-6) and Danny Ainge (11-3-5)? My bet for best C’s team…

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Hawks

Our first team to cover. I will give you the matchups and then a quick overview of the team…

There are 60 Milwaukee/St. Louis/Atlanta Hawks teams (yay, an even number), so every team will be playing in this one. The Hawks are a great franchise, featuring Bob Pettit and the 1958 championship team, Pete Maravich in Atlanta, and the Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins headlining the Hawks franchise. Click to see the first matchup…

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Best Team of All Time

Have you ever wondered if this NBA team you’re watching is the best of its franchise? How would it fare against the previous year’s team? Or even if it is the best team of all time in the NBA? Welcome to the best NBA team of all time project. (There goes my free time…)

What is it? It is basically a playoff to find the best team of all time.

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