Friday, September 30, 2011

The Pistons (Part 3)

(21) 1996 Detroit Pistons (46-36) vs. (40) 1952 Fort Wayne Pistons (29-37)

Incredible year by Grant Hill, averaging 20-10-7 this season. Allan Houston added 20 points of his own to the mix, and Otis Thorpe had 14-8. Joe Dumars stumbled to only 12-2-4 in 1996…not very good considering he played 33 minutes a game….

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Pistons (Part 2)

(11) 1987 Detroit Pistons (52-30) vs. (50) 1967 Detroit Pistons (30-51)

This 1987 Detroit team was so close to the Finals…one Isiah Thomas brain fart, and 3 points in game 7 to the Celtics (remember Bird’s steal in this series). Adrian Dantley had 22 points a day, and he was followed by Thomas, who had a superb 21-4-10 season. Bill Laimbeer had 15-12 this year (and he got clocked by Robert Parish…one of my favorite moments of all time. Look it up when you get a chance…if you hate Bill Laimbeer….that video is for you…). 16 points came from Vinnie Johnson, and the Pistons got promising rookies in Joe Dumars (12-2-5) and 25 year old Dennis Rodman (7-4). 

Not a bad team…Dave Bing had 20-5-4, and DeBusschere had 18-12. Eddie Miles contributed 18-4-2, while Joe Strawder had 10-10 this year.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Pistons (Part 1)

So we are on to Detroit. This team did have some really great moments (mostly 1989), and it had a whole bunch of stars, from Larry Foust and George Yardley of the 50s, to Dave Bing, to Bob Lanier, to Isiah and friends, to Hill, finally to their 04 championship bunch. I’m excited to see this team play. Lots of great players, let’s see who the best of them is. (Note: This has 60 teams….30 matchups…..this may take a while…Note: Why haven't I been posting? I'm too lazy! That's why...and school started also...been writing, just not posting...)

(1) 2006 Detroit Pistons (64-18) vs. (60) 1980 Detroit Pistons (16-66)

And the Pistons begin with….2006. They made the East Finals before falling to Miami. This team still had its championship team mostly intact: Chauncey Billups (19-3-9), Rip Hamilton (20-3-3), Rasheed Wallace (15-7), Tayshaun Prince (14-4-2), and the master defender, Ben Wallace (7-11, almost 2 steals, and over 2 blocks), but this team also had the addition of Antonio McDyess (8-5…One Note on McDyess: I used to be scared of him as a kid….no idea why). This is a pretty good team, but they didn’t win it all….

Not really exciting…Bob Lanier (having 22-10-3 this season) was traded to Milwaukee, but Bob McAdoo was there (21-8-3). I don’t get why you don’t get rid of McAdoo, who was known as a head case kinda then…and you should respect Lanier! He stayed with you through the good and bad…he’s your best player of all time at this point! Treat him better than that…John Long had 19-5-3 this season.

(2) 1989 Detroit Pistons (63-19) vs. (59) 1994 Detroit Pistons (20-62)

This was the first of the Pistons champs. They had Isiah putting up 18-3-8, Dumars had 17-3-6, Laimbeer had 14-10, Vinnie Johnson scored 14 off the bench (instant offense), Aguirre came over for Dantley (Aguirre had 16 points here, and Dantley had 18, but Mark didn’t gripe over minutes…), and they had other tough, immovable big men, like Rick Mahorn (7-7), and James Edwards (7-3), and they of course had Rodman (9-9), and they also had John Salley (7-5). Why did I list all those people? Because each was key in their own way (don’t mistake me for a Pistons fan…I despise Laimbeer like almost no other…and I hate their fouling style….but you have to respect them..((which I do with Thomas, mostly because of his heart….Remember his sprained ankle in 1988…that, my friends, is one of the largest desires to win I have ever seen))). They had a really smart team….I give them that, and they looked for every advantage…but I still hate them…Great team….but they are mostly assholes in my book…

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Site/Status Update

Hello, everyone (anyone?)...hope you've been enjoying this. I have another post all ready to go....but two (real) posts in one day in too much...

I've been enjoying this...hopefully there will be some readers soon. I think we're progressing well...

I'm sure you're wondering when the actual games start. I'm planning on opening the first round November 1st (when the season is supposed to start...or was...) or when I am done with the previews, whichever is first.... I will continue writing them after the tourney starts...but I bet I'll be a ways into by then.

Also: It's that time of year starts up in like 4 days. Which means I get less time to write. Don't worry though, I write whenever I can.....Game results will be posted under the label (guess what it is..) game results....


The Nuggets (Part 2)

Here's part 2.....

(11) 1986 Denver Nuggets (47-35) vs. (26) 1996 Denver Nuggets (35-47)

Another high scoring Nuggets team, this one with Alex English at the top of his powers, putting up 30-5-4 every night. Calvin Natt had 18-6, and the do-everything point guard, Fat Lever, had 14-5-8-2 steals. Wayne Cooper and Bill Hanzlik had double figures for Denver.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Nuggets (Part 1)

The Nuggets….a mix of David Thompson, Alex English, Dikembe Mutombo (and the 1994 team that knocked off the Sonics), and their offensive (and no defense) ways. This was never an elite team, but they did have their moments…

Note: Remember, this does not include ABA…so their two best teams are not in (but I will eventually do an ABA tourney…stay tuned…)

(1) 1988 Denver Nuggets (54-28)

This team gets a bye. It’s one of those incredible Nugget offensive team, led by English (25-5-5), and Fat Lever (19-8-8, and almost 3 steals). 15 points came from Jay Vincent, and they got double figures from Michael Adams, Danny Schayes (son of Dolph), and Blair Rasmussen.

(2) 2009 Denver Nuggets (54-28) vs. (35) 1998 Denver Nuggets (11-71)

After ditching AI for Billups (18-3-6), freeing up Melo for 23-7-3, he led them to the most successful season since 1988, which featured 15 points from JR Smith, and Nene (who doubled as their center, giving 8 boards a night). This may or may not be a successful team in the tourney…On one hand they have pretty good offense….not so much on the other end.

On the other hand…this is basically a nothing team…getting 15 points from Johnny Newman, and 14-7-3 from LaPhonso Ellis.

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