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I know that I said I wouldn't include ABA...and it is for a pretty good reason....They're stats are skewed, there wasn't much defense.

But when I looked at the Nuggets....I saw so many teams that might be in contention...Like 1976. Is it fair to not include ABA teams? Should I add them in (I haven't really started with Denver yet). Anyone have an opinion?

I think what I will end up doing is just have an ABA tourney at some (later) point.

The Mavs (Part 2)

Part 2....

(9) 1988 Dallas Mavericks (53-29) vs. (24) 1991 Dallas Mavericks (28-54)

This is the other pre 2000s team in the top 13, this one again led by Aguirre (25-6-4). Ronaldo Blackman had a pretty good year, consisting of a daily 19-4-4 diet. Derek Harper manned the backcourt, serving up 17-3-7. Young center (off the bench) Roy Tarpley has 14-12 cooking every night. And who can forget the sweet smell of what Sam Perkins is cooking (14-8). Sorry…I am really hungry right now.

Roy Tarpley got kicked out of the league (to return in 1995, only to be re-kicked out) for drugs. After 20-11 (well, it WAS only 5 games…but still…)! Ronaldo Blackman was still good, averaging 20-3-4, while Derek Harper averaged 20-3-7. To fill the rebounding void 6, 8, 9 rebounds came from Herb Williams, Rodney McCray, and James Donaldson respectively. 10 points were contributed in from an aged Alex English.

(10) 2001 Dallas Mavericks (53-29) vs. (23) 1982 Dallas Mavericks (28-54)

This is where the Dirk era really takes off (after 40 wins last year). Dirk had 22-9, while he got a lot of help from Michael Finley (22-5-4). Steve Nash did a good job at point, having 16-3-7. A late season trade added Juwan Howard, good for 18-7-3 in 27 games.

Year two of the Mavericks was year one for some important Mavs. Debuting was Jay Vincent (21-7), Ronaldo Blackman (13-3) and, most importantly, Mark Aguirre (19-5-3). Brad Davis was a good guard for them, averaging 12-3-6.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Mavs (Part 1)

The Mavs….the first thing I see is Dirk (a weird note on Dirk…I can’t seem to refer to him as “Nowitzki”…it just feels weird), but there was also Mark Aguirre, and J-Kidd…and one champ (take that Heat fans!). This should be interesting…..

(1) 2007 Dallas Mavericks (67-15)

This infamous Mavs team gets a bye (remember these guys after their meltdown in the first-round against Golden State). Led by MVP Dirk (25-9-3), plus instant offense from Jason Terry (17-3-5), and Josh Howard (19-7-2), these guys didn’t come out of the playoffs anywhere close to where they should have.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Cavs (Part 2)

Part 2....

(11) 1998 Cleveland Cavaliers (47-35) vs. (32) 1986 Cleveland Cavaliers (29-53)

Just a note: Trying to minimize some of the random stats that aren’t very important…just to save time between posts (wow does this take a long time…)

These teams aren’t anything special….mostly just bland. The Cavs have had some really successful years…but after that it’s not so good. Tell that to the Reign Man Shawn Kemp, who had 18-9-3-1-1. Wesley Person gave in to 15-4 nightly, while they were manned by point guard Brevin Knight (9-3-8, and 2.5 steals). Rookie Zydrunas Ilgauskas (with hair!) had 14-9 in a great debut season. After him, came Cedric Henderson rounding out the starting 5 with 10-4-2, even with Derek Anderson preforming 12-3-3 off the bench. After that….not much else (Vitaly Potapenko for 7-4 anyone?).

World B Free was still going strong with 23-3-4 (though this is his last remotely successful year…he barely played at all next year in Philly…) and Roy Hinson packed the one-two scoring punch (20-8). Manning the point was John Bagley; going for 12-4-9 nightly. After him, Mel Turpin (14-7) was their only other threat….Don’t worry, next year will bring Daugherty, Price, Harper, and Hot Rod Williams….

Site Update

Sorry about the lack of posts.....I was out on vacation and haven't had much opportunity to write. A post will be coming soon.

What are your guys opinions on these posts? Are they taking to long to come? Should I just post the matchups, and then we'll get to the matchups? Chime in...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Cavs (Part 1)

Ahhh yes. The Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron, my most hated player. I will (maybe) keep my hate to a minimum. Is that all you see? What about Mark Price, and Brad Daugherty of the 90s? Delve into Cavs history!

(One note…I will not say anything to insult LeBron, I will just say his statline. I don’t feel like insulting him during the morning….)

(1) 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers (66-16)

The Cavs get a first round bye…James had 28-8-7-almost 2 steals-1 block. Mo Williams was the point, giving in 18-3-4, while the big center, Zydrunas Ilgauskas (I can spell that with no help….) had 13-8, plus some outside shooting that kills you if left open. Delonte West had 12-3-4. Splitting starting minutes, Anderson Varejao had 9-7, while the 14.5 Million Dollar Man (Ben Wallace) put up a whopping 3-7 (nice job trading your core players for an overpaid 34 year old, remember they traded Gooden and Hughes to get him). Made it to the East Finals before falling to Orlando.

(2) 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers (61-21) vs. (41) 1982 Cleveland Cavaliers (15-67)

The MVP James had 30-7-9. Mo Williams was still at point guard, this year, having 16-3-5, not bad. Zydrunas Ilgauskas (7-5) became expendable (as Shaq ((12-7)) was starting) in a deal that brought in Antawn Jamison for the end of the year, and he had 16-8 with Cleveland. Ilgauskas resigned with the Cavs after he refused to play for Washington. Varejao had a respectable 9-8.

Have you heard of Ted Stepien? Possibly the worst owner if pro basketball (never mind, is). He traded valuable 1st rounders, and nearly killed the Cavs…During this year Mike Mitchell (20-5) was traded (stats for Cavs only…), but they got back Ron Brewer (19-2-3, yes he is Ronnie Brewer’s dad). James Edwards stayed the whole way (17-8), and they acquired Cliff Robinson (16-10), but traded Bill Laimbeer (7-6, but to be important later), and Kenny Carr (15-9) for Paul Mokeski! Other contributors: Geoff Huston (10-8), and Scott Wedman (11-6-3). Just a lot of individuals floating around…The trades become a recurring theme, by the way.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bulls (Part 2)

We will be finishing up Chicago today, and we begin with the 11-36 matchup.

(11) 1974 Chicago Bulls (54-28) vs. (36) 2003 Chicago Bulls (30-52)

I really like these early 70s Bulls teams (no I am not a Bulls fan…). Probably because I like defense…and this team was a great one (though second in opponent points). Bob Love was the leader (22-6-2, and second All-D team), helped by the old, but still great, Chet Walker, having 19-5-2, and an all-star. Norm Van Lier was first All-D team, and he also had 14-5-7 and 2 steals. Sloan was an aged 31, but he was first All-D, and 13-5-7, about 2 steals, and 2.5 blocks (you realize he is only 6-5 right?)! I love this team, so stacked defensively, though they only got to the West Finals. Look for some damage to be done…

I don’t like what I see in 2003. Jalen Rose led the 03 Bulls (a warning sign in itself) with 22-4-5…in 41 minutes. Donyell Marshall had his 13-9 season, and Jamal Crawford had 11-2-4 daily. Enter Year 2 was Tyson Chandler (9-7) and (wait for it…wait for it…) Eddy Curry and his almost 300 pounds lumbering for 11 points, and the life altering 4 boards a game he brought…Ugly team in my opinion, I like no one (except Roger Mason, at the bottom, and maybe Chandler…). Of course, who cares who I like….Just remember these guys were mostly ballhogs and egotrains….

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bulls (Part 1)

Fear not...I haven't forgotten this blog. On to the Bulls!

The Chicago Bulls. The team of the 90s. When you hear the name, you see Jordan preforming his spectacular moves, Pippen coming along with him. You see Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and, more recently, Derrick Rose. To review one of the best NBA teams, we invite you to read on.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bobcats

Welcome to the brief history of the Charlotte Bobcats. Charlotte had players like Raymond Felton, Emeka Okafor, and Gerald Wallace in their short time. Though not very good, they have improved to making the playoffs one year.

(1) 2010 Charlotte Bobcats (44-38)

Since there is an odd number of teams, this ’10 Bobcats team gets a first round bye. It is the only team above .500, and the only playoff team. There is a mumble of trades, and subpar players littering this team, which was led by Gerald Wallace, who managed 18-10-2, plus nearly 2 steal. Stephen Jackson was another key part of their success; he had 21-5-4 in his great season that had nearly 2 steals. Raymond Felton was their point guard; he had 12-4-6 in this season.

The Celtics (Part 3)

Here's the final part of the Boston Celtics franchise...

(21) 1972 Boston Celtics (56-26) vs. (40) 2005 Boston Celtics (45-37)

Another spectacular season of the 70s Big 3. This is the second viewing of them, and it is remarkable. Havlicek is amazing with his 28-8-8 averages, while Jo Jo White shows shades of Cousy with his cool 23-6-5 season. Cowens shows obvious shades of Russell with his 19-15-3 season (great passer….like Russell). Don Nelson is still hanging on for his large (heh…) 14-6 season. Don Chaney gave a needed 12-5 year, but they only got to the ECF…

Paul Pierce is showing his greatness, leading some decent parts to 45 wins with his 22-7-4 season. Antoine Walker came back home to Boston, where he got in 24 games to close the season, all while giving Boston 16-8-3. Ricky Davis played 82 games, with a good 16-3-3 average. Gary Payton showed his age at a small 11-3-6 season. Raef LaFrentz and Mark Blount gave double figures, or close to double figures.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Celtics (Part 2)

Here's part two of the Boston Celtics....

(11) 1962 Boston Celtics (60-20) vs. (50) 1995 Boston Celtics (35-47)

Here is a wonderful Russell era team. It has Russell going full steam ahead with jaw dropping averages of 19-24-5, and has Tommy Heinsohn putting up 22-10-2. Cousy is one of the top points in the league, even at 33, and he shows it with 16-4-8 numbers. Sam Jones is showing his true skills, as he adds the pivotal 18-6-3 to Boston, helped out by a 15 point bench explosion by Frank Ramsey. Loaded, loaded team.

Hey! This is a playoff team!!! You know your franchise is good when your 50th team can make the postseason…though the league wasn’t great without Jordan, and a team led by a 35 year old Dominique Wilkins could thrive (that’s right, 35, and he’s putting up 18-5 a night), though not much, as he’s matched by Dino Radja (17-9). Dee Brown was a helper, he added 16-3-4 to the mix, along with 15 from Sherman Douglas.

(12) 1980 Boston Celtics (61-21) vs. (49) 2004 Boston Celtics (36-46)

How can all these non-champs be so high!?! The ’80 Celtics lost to Philadelphia in the ECF. This is a loaded (maybe too much so) team. Just look at this! 21-10-5 from (ROOKIE) Larry Bird, Cedric Maxwell had 17-9, 14-8 from Dave Cowens (in his last Celtic year), 14-3-8 from Tiny Archibald, Rick Robey, ML Carr, and Chris Ford all had 11 points. Like I said, loaded.

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