Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Bobcats

Welcome to the brief history of the Charlotte Bobcats. Charlotte had players like Raymond Felton, Emeka Okafor, and Gerald Wallace in their short time. Though not very good, they have improved to making the playoffs one year.

(1) 2010 Charlotte Bobcats (44-38)

Since there is an odd number of teams, this ’10 Bobcats team gets a first round bye. It is the only team above .500, and the only playoff team. There is a mumble of trades, and subpar players littering this team, which was led by Gerald Wallace, who managed 18-10-2, plus nearly 2 steal. Stephen Jackson was another key part of their success; he had 21-5-4 in his great season that had nearly 2 steals. Raymond Felton was their point guard; he had 12-4-6 in this season.

(2) 2009 Charlotte Bobcats (35-47) vs. (7) 2005 Charlotte Bobcats (18-64)

Another year of a huge amount of players, whether they were traded, signed, or anything, 24 players played for Charlotte this year. Gerald Wallace was the best of them, he had 17-8-3 this season, most of which he had to make up for the 19 points of the traded Jason Richardson. Boris Diaw came over and added 15-6-5, while Raymond Felton was the real point, who had 14-4-7. Emeka Okafor played his last year here, as he had 13-10 in a great year. D.J. Augustin had 12-2-4.

Year 1 of the Bobcats. Emeka Okafor opened his career hot, as he put in a ferocious 15-11 nightly. Primoz Brezec added 13-7. Gerald Wallace began the road to proving himself; he began Charlotte with an 11-6-2 year. They got 10 points from Brevin Knight (plus 9 assists), Keith Bogans, and Jason Hart.

(3) 2011 Charlotte Bobcats (34-48) vs. (6) 2006 Charlotte Bobcats (26-56)

Stephen Jackson had to lead this team (19-5-4) as Gerald Wallace got traded (16-8-2, and now there are no more original Bobcats left, excluding Matt Carol, as he left then returned). D.J. Augustin tried to fill the void Raymond Felton left with his 14-3-6, and Boris Diaw continued to play well, with his 11-5-4.

Year 2 of Charlotte was of injuries. Wallace had 55 games (15-8-2) and Okafor had 26 (13-10). Rookie Raymond Felton played OK; he had 12-3-6, though vet Brevin Knight played better, adding 13-3-9. Brezec had 12-6.

(4) 2007 Charlotte Bobcats (33-49) vs. (5) 2008 Charlotte Bobcats (32-50)

Gerald Wallace proved he was worth the expansion pick with his 18-7-3. Okafor was pretty awesome also; he managed 14-11 daily. Raymond Felon capped off their trio with his 14-3-7. Matt Carroll and Adam Morrison both scored 12 a game.

This ’08 team was decent; they added a scoring threat in Jason Richardson (22-5-3) and kept Gerald Wallace (19-6-4, though played only 62 games). Felton stayed the same at 14-3-7, and Okafor produced 14-11.

The ‘Cats aren’t very good at all. Wallace, Okafor, and Felton were pretty good players, but they never brought any winning to Carolina.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Charlotte Bobcats!!! Next up is the Chicago Bulls with MJ!

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