Friday, June 22, 2012

Clippers Game Results (Part 11: 1981 vs 1973)

(11) 1981 San Diego Clippers (36-46) vs. (32) 1973 Buffalo Braves (21-61)

The rookie year of McAdoo…Let’s see if they win against 1981….Probably, as it’s doubtful the threeheaded monster of McAdoo, Kauffman, and Elmore Smith can be stopped….

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clippers Game Results (Part 10: 1997 vs. 1972)

(12) 1997 Los Angeles Clippers (36-46) vs. (31) 1972 Buffalo Braves (22-60)

Even better version of 1971…Definitely an upset.

Game 1

1971-72 Buffalo Braves

Clippers Game Results Part 9: (1980 vs 1971)

(13) 1980 San Diego Clippers (35-47) vs. (30) 1971 Buffalo Braves (22-60)

Game 1

1970-71 Buffalo Braves

Misc Update!

Before all my loyal viewers start complaining about a lack of posts (you know I get at least 50 emails a week from you all!), fine, I'll get a couple updates up (though I wish there was a way to keep this at the top of the page.....Though it may stay there depending on how long my basketball hiatus is after the result of the 2012 finals......).

Anyway....I will be getting a post up soon, and I have one other question:

Anybody with any ideas on how to rate players defensively would you please stand up, and/or shoot me an email ( ).....Anybody interested in a basketball rating project, or any programmers (in Python......aka the programing middle of nowhere) would be appreciated.......That's right, an announcement that follows will be BIG (god I hate those commercials....Except the Celtics one.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clippers Game Results (Part 8: 1986 v. 2008)

(14) 1986 Los Angeles Clippers (32-50) vs. (29) 2008 Los Angeles Clippers (23-59)

Clippers Game Results (Part 7: 2011 vs 1983)

(15) 2011 Los Angeles Clippers (32-50) vs. (28) 1983 San Diego Clippers (25-57)

Clippers Game Results (Part 6: 1985 vs 2003)

(16) 1985 Los Angeles Clippers (31-51) vs. (27) 2003 Los Angeles Clippers (27-55)

This is a pretty good matchup…As a refresher, read this: First year in LA! Derek Smith had 22-5-3, Marques Johnson (who came over for Terry Cummings) had 16-6, and Norm Nixon had 17-3-9. Bill Walton actually played 67 games, averaging 10-9…he’s gone by next year.
Nobody played a full year here…Brand (19-11), and Maggette (17-5) both played in only the 60 game range. Lamar Odom (15-7-4, who leaves for Miami after the year) played less than 50 games. Andre Miller though played 80 and had 14-4-7.” Looks like a pretty good matchup from that. Then add in the fact that Game One was a game for the ages (kind of). 

Clippers Game Results (Part 5: 1991 vs 1994)

(17) 1991 Los Angeles Clippers (31-51) vs. (26) 1994 Los Angeles Clippers (27-55)

Very, very weird lineups will be rolled out here…After Manning, and Wilkins were traded for each other, neither could get in the required games…

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clippers Game Results (Part 4: 2001 vs 1978)

(18) 2001 Los Angeles Clippers (31-51) vs. (25) 1978 Buffalo Braves (27-55)

Awful matchup…The only way that any of these games will be a thriller would be if someone makes a shot to make it 2-0 at the end of regulation.

Clippers Game Results (Part 3: 1977 vs 2004)

(19) 1977 Buffalo Braves (30-52) vs. (24) 2004 Los Angeles Clippers (28-54)

Clippers fans may be thinking that “yay, we get to see McAdoo”…well you WOULD…but he played only 20 games due to being traded. Only 8 players are eligible for this team…we may have some weird lineups in Buffalo…

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