Monday, October 31, 2011

Site Update......Again

Happy Halloween! Games are coming tomorrow...Most likely, unless Blogger decides not to cooperate. One more detail: After we (slosh) move through round 1, the brackets will be reseeded, and an actual bracket will be followed...Any questions, or concerns....This is the last day to voice them!

November 1st Update: Of course, Blogger decides not to cooperate. Or actually I'd blame Word. Or Excel. The issue is with the box scores...I don't want to eliminate them to get the tourney running...I feel that that is the most vital part of the post...It serves as proof. No one is going to be able to make a belevable box score in under 30 minutes. And I don't want to waste time doing that. (The only way I could rig it was if I just repeat the game...But I don't care enough about the 1st round outcome to waste time doing that...).

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Site/Status Update/Details for Games!!!!!!!!!

Almost there....Just a few days until we get some real action here...Here's some info you should know:

There WILL be a limit on how many games a player can miss before being ineligible for being on a team...That number in 50 for 82 game years. That's 1968 to present (except 1999...they have a limit of 30 games...). In 1967, the limit is 49 (only 81 games were played...). From 1962-1966, it's also 49 (80 games played...). In 1961, the number is 48. It's 46 in 1960, and from 1953 to 1959, the magic number is 44. And finally, in 1952, it is 40.

One last thing: We'll be going in reverse order of all time record. So that means Memphis is first!

Lets get it going!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Wizards (Part 2)

The final Preview post! Read on!!!

The Wizards (Part 1)

Get ready! It’s the Wizards! My hometown team (so I guess it merits an excessively long preamble…sorry…).

The Jazz (Part 2)

(11) 1994 Utah Jazz (53-29) vs. (28) 2011 Utah Jazz (39-43)

Not bad…Karl had 25-12, as Stock had 15-3-13, and the other Malone, Jeff, had 16-2. Tom Chambers had 11-4, as Jeff Hornacek was traded over from Philly for 27 games (15-3-4).

The most recent team…Deron Williams (21-4-10) was traded to New Jersey for Derrick Favors (8-5), and Devin Harris (16-2-5). Al Jefferson had 19-10, and Paul Millsap added 17-8.

The Jazz (Part 1)

So we move on to the Jazz…If someone starts a conversation on the Jazz, you don’t really get real excited….But this isn’t a bad teams by any means. From the early days of Pistol Pete, to Adrian Dantley and his 2 scoring titles here, finally to Stockton and Malone (and Boozer and Williams…..but who cares about those guys when we can gawk at Malone and Stockton………..)….(One note…We do end up starting with a late 90s team…Sorry to all the late 90s Utah fans, but it was much better in the early 90s…Sure, 10 less wins or so, but in a more competitive league…And better versions of Stockton and Malone………). Without further ado, lets’ get on to the matchups!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Raptors

The Raptors….Vince, Bosh, Bargnani (I guess I get to learn how to spell his name now)….nothing special. Not a very good team overall….

The Spurs (Part 2)

(11) 2004 San Antonio Spurs (57-25) vs. (26) 1992 San Antonio Spurs (47-35)

OK year…Couldn’t get past LA though….Timmy had 22-12, Tony Parker had 15-3-6, Manu had 13-5-4, and….Hedo Turkoglu had 9-5??? Didn’t even know he played in San Antonio….Bruce Bowen was there too….

The Spurs (Part 1)

There really is no debate that this is the best ABA team in the NBA…They missed the playoffs only 4 times in the NBA, and for Indiana, and New Jersey, you couldn’t count it on one hand…And Denver wasn’t that good either. And look at the stars, George Gervin, David Robinson, and Timmy Duncan, all top 50 all time. And 4 champs. You can’t dispute that….

(1) 2006 San Antonio Spurs (63-19)

The team stuck between two champs gets a bye. They couldn’t get by the Mavs in a Game 7 overtime thriller, even with Duncan submitting a monster 41-20. During the year, however, Timmy slipped down below 20 points a game, with 19-11-3 this year…Tony Parker had 19-3-6, Manu Ginobili had 15-4-4, as Michael Finley had 10-3, and Bruce Bowen had 8-4 along with some powerful (dirty) defense….Let’s talk about Timmy now….Timmy is a top 10 player most likely because of how great of a teammate he was. What sets him apart from KG is that he knows when to turn it on, and totally crush everyone. Maybe not in an exciting way, like KG, but he got it done. A very effective player, though he did have a weaker era than some other top 10 candidates….Essentially, he’s a great, top tier team player, someone you would want to play with, and he did crush anyone when needed. Boring, but effective…One thing I don’t like is how he bulges his eyes at a bad call….That would be my complaint….

The Kings (Part 3)

(21) 1969 Cincinnati Royals (41-41) vs. (40) 1974 Kansas City-Omaha Kings (33-49)

….Not very good….Oscar’s relationship with the team is already deteriorating at this point, though he averaged 25-6-10. Tom Van Arsdale had 19-5-3, Lucas had 18-18-4, and Connie Dierking had 16-9….

The Kings (Part 2)

(11) 1979 Kansas City Kings (48-34) vs. (50) 1989 Sacramento Kings (27-55)

Remember that they used to be in Kansas City? We begin post two with our first Kansas team (in this tourney I mean…). Otis Birdsong (remember him from New Jersey….he had some pretty good years there, but some of his Kansas days were better…It feels weird saying Kansas when talking about the NBA….) had 22-4-3, Scott Wedman (he played most of his career here in Kansas, played for a year and a half in Cleveland, then ended it off in Boston….He was worst in Boston, but whenever someone says Scott Wedman ((if you say it to me, you’ll be the first!)), I think of Boston ((maybe because I’m a Boston fan…He was pretty good on the Kings….) had 18-5, Phil Ford had 16-2-9, Sam Lacey had 11-9-5, and Bill Robinzine had 13-8.

The Kings (Part 1)

So we’re on to our last full length team…This one will be pretty good too. Not only is there Oscar, but we can’t forget the early 50s, with Arnie Risen, and Bob Davies, while in Rochester (winning a championship…which we miss by ONE year….it is still basically the same team the next year though so….), then Jerry Lucas and Jack Twyman with Oscar in Cincinnati, then Sam Lacey and Tiny Archibald while in the Kansas City area, and finally Chris Webber, Peja, and Mitch Richmond in Sacramento…Should actually be good. Some really great teams, despite a lack of championships….

(1) 2002 Sacramento Kings (61-21) vs. (60) 2009 Sacramento Kings (17-65)

The Trail Blazers (Part 2)

We finish the Blazers today....

(11) 2003 Portland Trail Blazers (50-32) vs. (32) 1975 Portland Trail Blazers (38-44)

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Trail Blazers (Part 1)

The Blazers are a pretty good team overall, with their most famous team being the 1977 one that featured Bill Walton crushing the NBA. They’ve only really missed the playoffs for more than one year at the beginning of their run, and the mid-2000s….Never bad, and only a few instances of great. 1977 is rated pretty low, not even in the top 10 of the Blazers…They won JUST below 50 games. 1978 was more dominant, but they lost Walton that year. Those two years were legendary, not just 1977… 

(1) 1991 Portland Trail Blazers (63-19) 

Portland’s only 60+ win team…You may forget that this was a pretty good team then, contenders back in the early 90s. There was even some Drexler vs. Jordan talk…Then he got destroyed in the Finals, and that ended that…But they made two Finals, once in 1990, and once in 1992 (lost to Detroit and Chicago…). This is the year stuck in between…Drexler had 22-7-6, as Terry Porter (who had peak assist wise a few years ago, and had been going down since…he’s 27, and his assists dropped from 10-9.5-9-8…then 6, then 5…and he’s playing about the same minutes…) had 17-4-8. Pretty good cast around them too, Kevin Duckworth had 16-7, Jerome Kersey had 15-7, and Buck Williams had 12-9, not to mention 12-4 from Cliff Robinson, and 11-3-4 from Danny Ainge…Drazen Petrovic (bet you didn’t know he played in Portland…he did for one year before this year…) was traded to New Jersey in a three team deal…An old Walter Davis made his way to Portland for 32 games….Pretty loaded team, it will be a tight race between a Drexler team and a 1977 or 78 Walton team for the Blazers spot…

The Suns (Part 2)

(11) 2008 Phoenix Suns (55-27) vs. (34) 1985 Phoenix Suns (36-46)

Another good Nash year…He had 17-4-11 as Amare led scores with 25-9. Barbosa had 16-3-3 and Grant Hill had 13-5-3, as Shawn Marion (16-10) was traded to Miami for Shaq (13-11). A 29 year old for a 35 year old…Guess which is which (neither stayed long where they were traded…Marion was dished out to the Raptors during 2009, and Shaq was in Cleveland for 2010…).

The Suns (Part 1)

The Suns were a pretty good franchise overall…Never won anything, but made a few Finals….

(1) 1993 Phoenix Suns (62-20) 

The famous Barkley led Finals team…Chuck had 26-12-5, as Dan Majerle had 17-5-4, KJ (only 49 games) had 16-2-8, Cedric Ceballos had 13-6, Tom Chambers (who was released after the year) had 12-5, and Danny Ainge had 12-3-3…Not much to say….

The 76ers (Part 3)

(21) 1955 Syracuse Nationals (43-29) vs. (40) 2008 Philadelphia 76ers (40-42)

Finally the 1955 champs! This is the first shot clock year, which probably had an impact on them winning, considering their owner came up with the idea…Dolph Schayes had 19-12-3, Paul Seymour had 15-4-7, Red Rocha had 11-7-3, Red Kerr had 11-7, and George King had 9-3-5…Pretty good year…

The 76ers (Part 2)

(11) 1978 Philadelphia 76ers (55-27) vs. (50) 2004 Philadelphia 76ers (33-49)

This team is one year removed from a Finals appearance (losing to Portland’s legendary Bill Walton led 1977 team….speaking of champs…we still have one to go for Philly…or should I say Syracuse…). A whole bunch of selfish stars here…Doc was too nice to fight for shots, as he still led the team with 21-7-4. George McGinnis had 20-10-4, and 4 giveaways. Doug Collins had 20-3-4 (in an almost full year…79 games is close enough…), while Lloyd Free freed the world (heh….how many of you got that…) with 16-3-4, and Darryl Dawkins thundered out 12-8. Jelly Bean Joe Bryant (guess who his son is!) had 6-4.

The 76ers (Part 1)

What a stacked team….Think of all the legends that played here, from Dolph Schayes, to Wilt, to Billy Cunningham, to Erving, to Moses, and Barkley, and AI….really a great team…Only 3 championships though, which is sort of surprising, considering how good they were at some points…We begin:

The Magic

In terms of memorable players, this is the best of the late 80s on expansion teams…You say it’s not much, but that’s over 20% of the league! 7 teams have come about since the late 80s, and when you look at talent, this one is best…Look at them, from the days of Shaq, and Penny, to the impressive years of McGrady (now, I really, really, REALLY, hate him, but you have to admit, 32 points in a low scoring, defensive minded league is impressive, to today, with Howard (who I also, really, really hate…He’s so overrated. He’s not really a good defender…It’s all crap. They get the ball back…His blocks aren’t worth much…). Pretty impressive, I guess…Here we go!

(1) 1996 Orlando Magic (60-22) vs. (22) 1990 Orlando Magic (18-64)

We begin in the Shaq era…27-11 came from him, in his last Orlando year (he’d bolt to LA after the year…he played only 54 games this year….this starts his “not playing full years” trend…). And this is a really good team around him, with Penny Hardaway had an impressive 22-4-7 in the absence of Shaq, while a still-rattled Nick Anderson had 15-5-4, Dennis Scott had 18-4-3, and Horace Grant had 13-9…It’s possible that they completely obliterate everyone else.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sonics (Part 2)

(11) 2005 Seattle SuperSonics (52-30) vs. (34) 1974 Seattle SuperSonics (36-46)

Ray Allen averaged 24-4-4, while Rashard Lewis put up an inhuman 21-6! Vlad Rad had 12 points (I don’t know who came up with that nickname, but it is a very catchy one….Who wants to say Vladimir Radmanovic when you can say Vlad Rad?), while Antonio Daniels had 4 assists and Luke Ridnour had 6 assists.

The Sonics (Part 1)

When you think of the Thunder, you think of Durant and OKC, but nothing about Seattle (personally, I don’t like Durant for some reason….I just don’t like him….). When you think of the Sonics, you think of Payton, Kemp, Dennis Johnson, and the champ….That’s who I’m eager to see…I don’t really care about OKC. That's why the post is the "Sonics". I just can't stand the Thunder. But I don't mind the Sonics....If that makes sense....

(1) 1996 Seattle SuperSonics (64-18) vs. (44) 2008 Seattle SuperSonics (20-62)

This is the year that the incredible pairing of Kemp and Payton made the Finals….Kemp rained down 20-11, while Payton put up 19-4-8-3….Not only that, they got 17-5-4 from Detlef Schrempf, 16-4-3 from Hershey Hawkins, and 12-5 from Sam Perkins….this is a pretty dangerous team. A pretty exciting team to watch also….

The Knicks (Part 3)

The Final Knicks post here!

(21) 1959 New York Knicks (40-32) vs. (40) 2003 New York Knicks (37-45) 

OK team…Kenny Sears had 21-9 to lead scores, while Willie Naulls had 16-11, Richie Guerin had 18-7-5, while Carl Braun made an 11-4-5 appearance.

The Knicks (Part 2)

(11) 1992 New York Knicks (51-31) vs. (50) 1962 New York Knicks (29-51)

Ewing had 24-11, John Starks had 14-2-3, Xavier McDaniel had 14-6, and Mark Jackson had 11-4-9. Not great, but not too bad….

The Knicks (Part 1)

The Knicks…they’ve been around forever, and have had some great players, and moments (like the 1970 champ…). But it doesn’t seem like many people talk about them…They were good in a few eras, sure, but they were AWFUL in others…The early 50s were a good time, Harry Gallatin, and the McGuire’s' (Dick…the passer, and Al, who lasted a few years in the NBA and was the scrappy one, who once proclaimed “I can stop Cousy” and then continued to foul him six straight times down the floor)….then the awful late 50s and 60s….then there was the legendary Willis-Frazier teams…then on and off as a decent team through the 70s and early 80s…then there was a pretty good Ewing era….then there was the Isiah era. Some teams were great………….Others? Not so much.

(1) 1970 New York Knicks (60-22) vs. (60) 1963 New York Knicks (21-59)

This is the iconic, legendary 1970 Knickerbockers. Not only did New York love them because of their exquisite passing and top notch cohesive togetherness, they also had their iconic “Here comes Willis” moment after Willis tore a muscle in his thigh that is critical for movement, then comes back two games later and fires up the Knicks team, and leads them to a title. Reed had 22-14 during the year, and had Walt “Clyde” Frazier at point, razzling and dazzling for 21-6-8, while Dave DeBusschere provided defense and 15-10-3 a night. Dick Barnett had 15-3-4, Bill Bradley had 15-4-4, and Cazzie Russell averaged 12-3-2…and they were missing Phil Jackson! Incredible team…they will tear up the rest of the Knicks.

The Hornets

So here we are at the Hornets…They haven’t been bad for any extended stretch (except maybe at the very beginning….) but they haven’t ever been top tier contenders…Without further ado, the Hornets!

(1) 2008 New Orleans Hornets (56-26)

This is their first year back from the New Orleans/OKC location after Hurricane Katrina. This probably is the best team, led by the best Hornets player, Chris Paul (21-4-12-3 steals). David West was a great second scorer, with his 21-9, while Peja Stojakovic averaged 16-4 for them. Tyson Chandler had 12-12.

(2) 1997 Charlotte Hornets (54-28) vs. (23) 2005 New Orleans Hornets (18-64)

We move away from Paul, and we check out this 1997 team…It is pretty good, Glen Rice had 27-4, Anthony Mason had 16-11-6 (wow…), and Dell Curry had 15-3. Vlade Divac (who came over in the Kobe trade), had 13-9-4, Muggsy Bogues got 8-2-7 from his 5-3 body, and they even got an appearance from Tom Chambers for 12 games…They got swept by New York though…

The Nets (Part 2)

(11) 1985 New Jersey Nets (42-40) vs. (26) 1997 New Jersey Nets (26-56)

This is actually a pretty good team…Michael Ray Richardson had 20-6-8, and 3 steals, plus Otis Birdsong (though only in 56 games) had 21-3-4. Buck Williams had 18-12, and Mike Gminski had 13-8…I bet this team gets pretty far…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Nets (Part 1)

The Nets haven’t exactly been very good since the ABA (which isn’t included here…they were really good there…Rick Barry, the Doctor, Bill  Melchionni, and Brian Taylor….but they haven’t been the WORST in the NBA….they DID have Kidd, and Buck Williams…and Drazen Petrovic……………………..and Vince Carter, I guess…Anyway, here we go (I don’t think that last paragraph made people want to read this…in fact, I bet most people will skip this team, thanks to my bad promoting…Might as well have said, “Come see the 12 win Nets, that happen to be missing their 3 best teams because of the ABA rule! And don’t forget about their two NBA Finals teams, that brought us some bad Finals, that were basically just Jason Kidd!…Don’t forget next year, they are changing their name to the Brooklyn __________s!”)!

The Timberwolves

Time for the T’Wolves…The only real thing in their history is Kevin Garnett…he’s the only one that brought at least some DECENT years…

(1) 2004 Minnesota Timberwolves (58-24) vs. (22) 2010 Minnesota Timberwolves (15-67)

We pick the T’Wolves up with MVP KG in beast mode, averaging 24-14-5 on a largely successful Wolves team (that missed the playoffs next year after a 14 win decline…). And he brought Minneapolis 58 wins when his best teammates are Latrell Sprewell (17-4-4) and Sam Cassell (20-3-7). They made the West Finals before losing to LA….after 7 straight 1st round exits…

The Bucks (Part 2)

The end of the Bucks!

(11) 1983 Milwaukee Bucks (51-31) vs. (34) 1997 Milwaukee Bucks (33-49) 

This team is famous for sweeping the Celtics in the semis this year…that’s the team that would move on to a champ the next year (without Tiny Archibald though, he went to this team for 1984…). Sidney (23-6-4) and Marques (21-7-5) both had phenomenal seasons, while Junior Bridgeman had 14-4-3. Bob Lanier played only 39 games, while Paul Pressey played 7-4-3 to debut. Dave Cowens made an unsuccessful comeback this year, with him averaging 8-7 in 40 games. He may be only 34, but his talent had diminished since his retirement in 1980.

The Bucks (Part 1)

The Bucks….not many huge names (excepting Kareem and Oscar…), but they had some really incredible, often overlooked players, like Sidney Moncrief, Marques Johnson, Bobby Dandridge, and they of course have that legendary 1971 title team…which is where we begin…

(1) 1971 Milwaukee Bucks (66-16)

The legendary Bucks team gets a bye this round…Too bad, I’m eager to see how well Kareem (32-16-3) fares against anyone…Of course, we will also want to get our first glance at the Big O (19-6-8), who they wouldn’t have won a title without. Bobby Dandridge had 18-8-4…and the depth continues. Jon McGlocklin had 16-3-4, while Greg Smith had 12-7, Bob Boozer had 9-5, and Lucius Allen had 7-3-3. No doubt this is the Bucks winner…This is an incredible year, considering this is year 3 of the Bucks…no doubt winners.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Heat

(1) 1997 Miami Heat (61-21)

That’s right, 60+ wins right here. And it’s by the teams that brought us the AWFUL Heat-Knicks playoff battles…Alonzo Mourning is the anchor, averaging 20-10 on a bruising team. Tim Hardaway had 20-3-9, and they acquired Jamal Mashburn (13-6-4) to finish out the year. Voshon Lenard had 12-3-2, PJ Brown had 10-8, while Bruce Bowen made his NBA debut, one game, one minute, and one block….Pretty good team here….

The Grizzlies

Time for Memphis…Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay….and Big Country Bryant Reeves! Hell yeah! Let’s get started.

The Lakers (Part 3)

(21) 1997 Los Angeles Lakers (56-26) vs. (40) 1979 Los Angeles Lakers (47-35)

It’s rookie Kobe time! Nothing good from him at all though…8-2-1 is all they got. Shaq played only 51 games (26-13), but they got 17-4-3 from Eddie Jones, and 15-3-9 from Nick Van Excel. Elden Campbell had 15-8.

Decent year, led by Kareem (24-13-5-1-4…great year…), and also had Jamaal Wilkes (19-7) in the foreground. Adrian Dantley completed year two of his Lakers stay, also his last, as he had 17-6. Norm Nixon had 17-3-9, and an aged Lou Hudson had 10-2-2.

The Lakers (Part 2)

(11) 1980 Los Angeles Lakers (60-22) vs. (50) 1993 Los Angeles Lakers (39-43)

This team is still above 60 wins…Boston lasted till 14 till they slipped (and that was because of the shorter year in the 60s…so really 16 teams were above 60 wins…). These guys are getting close to 59…This is Magic’s rookie year (18-8-7), a successful Finals champ, though Kareem really is the alpha-dog (25-11-5). Jamaal Wilkes is good this year, with 20-6-3, and they got 18-3-8 from resident point guard Norm Nixon. Spencer Haywood added 10 points, and Michael Cooper had 9-3-3…but no all-D team.

The Lakers (Part 1)

This may be the best team of all time (says a Celtics fan…). They were consistently great every era…no holes at all (except for short 2-3 year stretches before the next all-time great joins). The Celts were  a better team based team…and these guys have some of the best talents out there…Russell and Bird…they are both definitely top 5…but that is because of extra, all out, hard work. Give them the attitude of Tim Thomas and Bird is like Kyle Korver. Russell is like Joel Anthony. This Lakers franchise has more talent (and I’m not saying that they didn’t work hard…maybe not as much as Boston…but still world class effort). Unfortunately, we miss 28 point a game Mikan because of the 1952 rule (they widened the foul lane for 1952, which brought his PPG down by 5…). Get ready, here come the all-time greats. There’s Mikan, Baylor, West, Chamberlain, Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Shaq, Kobe, and the LA/Minneapolis Lakers! (I actually am really excited about this…as evidenced by the excessive preamble…

The Clippers (Part 2)

We're finishing off the first of the LA teams today....

(11) 1981 San Diego Clippers (36-46) vs. (32) 1973 Buffalo Braves (21-61)

OK team I guess…Freeman Williams led them with 19 points, and Phil Smith had 17-2-5. Swen Nater had 16-12, and Michael Brooks had 15-5-3. Bill Walton was out all year. Nothing special (but really, what Clippers team is…), but not TOO bad…

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Clippers (Part 1)

Well, it’s Clippers time. As we said before, a WHOLE lot of blown out knees…Not much positiveness…only Bob McAdoo…Remember they used to be in Buffalo, where we start.

(1) 1975 Buffalo Braves (49-33) 

They didn’t have ONE 50 win team in 41 years….Every team formed before 1995 (before the Grizzlies/Raptors expansion, though Memphis has won 50 before...) have won 50 in a year…not LA. Bob McAdoo played in his best Buffalo year, averaging 35-14. Randy Smith had 18-4-7, Jim McMillian had 14-6, and Gar Heard had 11-10….pretty good team I guess.

The Pacers (Part 2)

(11) 1990 Indiana Pacers (42-40) vs. (26) 2009 Indiana Pacers (36-46) 

The Pacers (Part 1)

The Pacers….nothing has really happened when they were in the NBA except Reggie Miller (of course, they were good while in the ABA, but that’s for later….). Let’s get rolling!

(1) 2004 Indiana Pacers (61-21)

That’s right, the Pacers were pretty good in the early 2000s (making the Finals one year…though this is not it). This team faced the Pistons in the East Finals (which led to a short lived rivalry, until the league shut it down because of a fight the next year. You may have heard of it. Ron Ron decided to try to attack a fan…Smart decision making there…I blame Artest for screwing the Pacers ((actually, it was Wallace’s fault…why would you push him like that…that was a little foul. Nothing big, you made it big…then it’s also Ron’s fault, because he probably knew something was going to happen, and finally, I blame Reggie Miller for not stopping him…))) but lost the champs. This team isn’t really Reggie’s anyway. It’s Jermaine O’Neal’s (20-10). Artest had 18-5-4, and Al Harrington had 13-6. Reggie only mustered up 10-2-3…hey, he IS 38….

The Rockets (Part 2)

Finishing up the Rockets today....

(11) 1977 Houston Rockets (49-33) vs. (34) 1972 Houston Rockets (34-48)

A successful 70s year, which is an oddity. I think the arrival of Moses had something to do with it (he had 14-13). Rudy Tomjanovich was still very good, good enough for 22-8-2. Calvin Murphy had 18-2-5, and Mike Newlin had 13-3-4.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Rockets (Part 1)

Well, now that we made it past the Warriors, we’re on to Houston (and a short stint in San Diego…). Hayes, Moses, Sampson, Hakeem, Yao…one memorable big to the next. This is going to be interesting (definitely more than Golden State….)

(1) 1994 Houston Rockets (58-24) vs. (44) 1983 Houston Rockets (14-68)

Here’s the first of the two-peat. Talent-wise, I’d say 1986 is the best vintage of Houston (and my pick to win Houston’s bracket). Hakeem was great in 1994 though, averaging 27-12-4, plus almost 2 steals, and 3.7 blocks. Otis Thorpe had 14-11, Vernon Maxwell had 14-3-5, and Kenny Smith had 12-2-4, plus they got 10 points from Robert Horry.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Warriors (Part 3)

(21) 1957 Philadelphia Warriors (37-35) vs. (40) 1993 Golden State Warriors (34-48)
2 superstars that a recognizable to a pretty knowledgeable NBA fan….Paul Arizin had 26-8-2, and Neil Johnston had 23-12. They also had 14-9 from Joe Graboski.

The Warriors (Part 2)

(11) 1961 Philadelphia Warriors (46-33) vs. (50) 1995 Golden State Warriors (26-56)

This team was led by Pickles Johnson (maybe he wasn’t the best ((and he was there for only 7 games)), but his name makes him the leader by default…Pickles Johnson….Why did he feel the urge to be called Pickles…), and Wilt Chamberlain (38-27). Paul Arizin thrived with 23-9, Tom Gola had 14-9-4, and Guy Rodgers had 13-7-9. Pretty good team…even though they got SWEPT by the Nationals…a sweeping sensation across the nation! (Sorry, that’s by Walt Frazier impersonation…The Warriors were stumbling and bumbling, while Syracuse swooped and hooped.).

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Warriors (Part 1)

Here we are, in Golden State. This team used to be very, very good. Look at some of the marquee players they had. Joe Fulks in the 40s (we don’t get to see him though, not at his best, but he was still pretty good when we pick up the Warriors), Paul Arizin and Neil Johnston in the 50s, Wilt, Thurmond, and Barry in the 60s, and Run TMC later. Great team. There were three champs, but we miss the 1947 one with Fulks. On to the matchups!

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