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The Knicks (Part 2)

(11) 1992 New York Knicks (51-31) vs. (50) 1962 New York Knicks (29-51)

Ewing had 24-11, John Starks had 14-2-3, Xavier McDaniel had 14-6, and Mark Jackson had 11-4-9. Not great, but not too bad….

Not very good…but the scoring is…Willie Naulls had 25-12, and Guerin had 30-6-7 (remember this is the peak of scoring though….), Johnny Green had 16-13 as well.

(12) 1954 New York Knicks (44-28) vs. (49) 2002 New York Knicks (30-52)

The low point of the deadball era was when (during a brutally long round robin 1st round tourney...who'd idea was that? It was constant playing ((I think even four games in one day))...just a dumb idea) the final seconds of a Knicks game was cut off by the TV network due to all the fouling and arguing. The Knicks didn’t advance out of the round robin, despite Gallatin’s 13-15 season, and Braun’s 15-3-3 nightly outbursts. Sweetwater Clifton had 10-7, and Dick McGuire had 9-5-5.

The dawn of the crappy Knicks era. Allan Houston had 20-3-3, Latrell Sprewell had 19-4-4, Kurt Thomas had 14-9, Mark Jackson had 8-4-7, and Marcus Camby played only 29 games.

(13) 1981 New York Knicks (50-32) vs. (48) 1966 New York Knicks (30-50)

Michael Ray Richardson had a great year, averaging 16-7-8-3 (steals), which is really amazing, while Bill Cartwright had 20-8, and Ray Williams had 20-4-6.

Not great…Walt Bellamy had 23-16, and Dick Barnett had 23-4-4. Willis Reed averaged 16-12, Howard Komives had 14-4-5, and Dave Stallworth had 13-6.

(14) 2000 New York Knicks (50-32) vs. (47) 1979 New York Knicks (31-51)

This is Ewing’s last season in NY…he would be in Seattle for the next year, despite 15-10, and a 50 win season. Allan Houston had 20-3-3, Spree had 19-4-4, Larry Johnson had 11-5, and Marcus Camby had 10-8. This is an OK team…but nothing special.

Bob McAdoo started the year here (27-10), but soon found himself on Boston. Auerbach didn’t like that, as he didn’t get any say in the trade…Spencer Haywood (18-6) played only 31 games. Ray Williams had 17-4-6, Marvin Webster had 11-11, and Earl Monroe had 12-1-3…he’d stick around for one more year, enough to be seen in the maroon unis the Knicks saw fit to where (I actually sort of like them though….).

(15) 1974 New York Knicks (49-33) vs. (46) 1965 New York Knicks (31-49)

The Knicks quietly slip below 50 wins here…Don’t blame them though, Reed (11-7) played 19 games, and Monroe (14-4-4) played 41. They couldn’t get past Boston to make the Finals…Frazier had 21-7-7, DeBusschere had 18-11 and Bill Bradley had 14-3-3.

Willis Reed debuted with 20-15 (that’s right….) and had Jim Barnes (16-10), and Bob Boozer (14-8) by his side.

(16) 1972 New York Knicks (48-34) vs. (45) 2009 New York Knicks (32-50)

They met LA in the Finals, but couldn’t beat ‘em…Reed (13-9) played only 11 games this year, but Frazier (23-7-6), Lucas (17-13), Dave (15-11), Bradley (15-3-4), Barnett (12-2-3), and the Pearl (11-2-2) all had OK-Good years.

A great effort to clear the crap out of their roster…Crawford, Marbury, and Randolph were all ditched. David Lee had 16-12…then there is also a confusing bunch of crap on the rest of their roster…just think of the Knicks, and you’ll see them…no one really good is here anyway….

(17) 2001 New York Knicks (48-34) vs. (44) 2007 New York Knicks (33-49)

Nothing special….Houston had 19-4, Spree had 18-5-4, Marcus Camby had 12-12, and Glen Rice had 12-4…The first year without Ewing isn’t TOO bad (though they managed to lose to Toronto though….).

David Lee had 11-10, Curry actually wasn’t the worst center in the league, he had 20-7, while Jamal Crawford had 18-3-4, and Marbury had 16-3-5. Francis (11-4-4 in 43 games) was shipped out to Portland for…..Zach Randolph! I guess he is better than Francis though…

(18) 1984 New York Knicks (47-35) vs. (43) 2005 New York Knicks (33-49)

Another unstoppable year for King, who had 26-5. Bill Cartwright had 17-8, Ray Williams had 15-3-6, and Truck Robinson (the same one that lead the NBA in boards in 1978….) had 11-8…this is his last year (unless you count the two games he plays next year) in the NBA.

Another boring year in NY…Marbury had 22-3-8, Crawford had 18-3-4, and Kurt Thomas had 12-10, while Allan Houston ended his career, playing 20 games of 12 points.

(19) 1996 New York Knicks (47-35) vs. (42) 1982 New York Knicks (33-49) 

Meh…OK team, not bad, but doesn’t stand out (how many times have I said that…..NY is kinda a boring trip once you get past the big ones…). Ewing had 23-11, Anthony Mason had 15-9-4, Derek Harper had 14-3-4, and John Starks had 13-3-4. Charles Oakley had 11-9-3…but was available only 53 games.

A great year from Michael Ray, who had 18-7-7 and almost 3 steals this year, while Maurice Lucas had 16-11, Bill Cartwright had 14-6, and Campy Russell had 14-3-4. Paul Westphal made an 18 game appearance.

(20) 1952 New York Knicks (37-29) vs. (41) 1967 New York Knicks (36-45)

A really, really good Finals team, but they didn’t win it all. Gallatin had 11-10, Max Zaslofsky led scoring with 14-3-2 (don’t know if I’ve already said this, but when the Chicago Stags folded, the three stars on the team were left, and were to be distributed among the teams. Cousy was one, Andy Phillip was one and Zaslofsky was the final. The Knicks picked Max first, they Philly picked Phillip and Boston got Cousy….), Nat Sweetwater Clifton had 11-12, Connie Simmons had 10-7, Ernie Vandeweghe had 9-5-3, Dick McGuire had 9-5-6, and Al McGuire had 4-2-2….this is a pretty loaded team.

Willis Reed (21-15) is out preforming Walt Bellamy (19-14) even at the forward position! Dick Barnett had 17-3-2, Howard Komives had 16-3-6, and Dick Van Arsdale had 15-7-3.

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