Monday, October 24, 2011

The 76ers (Part 3)

(21) 1955 Syracuse Nationals (43-29) vs. (40) 2008 Philadelphia 76ers (40-42)

Finally the 1955 champs! This is the first shot clock year, which probably had an impact on them winning, considering their owner came up with the idea…Dolph Schayes had 19-12-3, Paul Seymour had 15-4-7, Red Rocha had 11-7-3, Red Kerr had 11-7, and George King had 9-3-5…Pretty good year…

Meh year…Iguodala had 20-5-5, Andre Miller had 17-4-7, and Sam Dalembert had 11-10…

(22) 2003 Philadelphia 76ers (48-34) vs. (39) 2011 Philadelphia 76ers (41-41)

Iverson had 28-4-6, Keith Van Horn had 16-7, and Eric Snow had 13-4-7….Nothing really to say….

Pretty balanced team….I remember them stealing one game against the Heat, and hoping that they would defy the odds and win the series….(It was actually a pretty entertaining 1st round in 2011…). Elton Brand had 15-8, Iguodala had 14-6-6, Jrue Holiday had 14-4-7, Thaddeus Young had 13-5, and Lou Williams had 14-2-3. Evan Turner debuted with 7-4-2 as a rookie (I remember watching the draft in 2010, and at the time I predicted ((and wrote it down)) that Evan Turner would be better than John Wall, and hoping that Washington would pick him….whoops…I still hate Wall’s play, and would rather have traded down ((I also really wanted Kawahi Leonard in this draft…I was hoping…hoping…hoping, and then he goes to Indiana (((and I was really surprised when Hill was traded for him…I though Popovich really liked him…)))))).

(23) 1954 Syracuse Nationals (42-30) vs. (38) 2009 Philadelphia 76ers (41-41)

Not great…Schayes had 17-12, Paul Seymour had 13-4-5, and George King had 11-4-4…

Not great either…Iguodala had 19-6-5, Andre Miller had 16-5-7, Thaddeus Young had 15-5, and Lou Williams had 13-2-3…Elton Brand played only 29 games this year…

(24) 1971 Philadelphia 76ers (47-35) vs. (37) 1965 Philadelphia 76ers (40-40)

Not awful…Billy Cunningham had 23-12, Archie Clark had 21-5-5, Hal Greer had 19-5-5, Jim Washington had 13-10, and Bailey Howell had 11-5.

Wilt came over mid-year (30-22-4), but they couldn’t get past Boston, as everyone was affected by the murder of Martin Luther King…Hal Greer had 20-5-5, Luke Jackson had 15-13, Larry Costello had 14-3-4, and Chet Walker had 13-7…Does “Havlicek stole the ball” ring a bell? 

(25) 1979 Philadelphia 76ers (47-35) vs. (36) 1970 Philadelphia 76ers (42-40)

Pretty good year….The Doc had 23-7-5, Darryl Dawkins had 13-8, Henry Bibby (Mike’s dad….WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HAVE A SON HENRY!!!!!!!) had 12-3-5, Bobby Jones had 12-7-3, Caldwell Jones had 9-10, and rookie Mo Cheeks had 8-3-5. Doug Collins played 47 games (and had 20 points a game in them…).

Not very bad….might beat 1979…Cunningham had 26-14-4, Greer had 22-5-5, Archie Clark had 20-4-5, and Darrall Imhoff had 14-10…

(26) 1958 Syracuse Nationals (41-31) vs. (35) 1962 Syracuse Nationals (41-39)

Schayes had 25-14, Kerr had 15-13, Ed Conlin had 15-7, and Larry Costello had 15-5-4.

Not too bad…Greer had 23-7-4, Lee Shaffer had 17-7, Dave Gambee had 17-8, Red Kerr had 16-15, and Larry Costello had 14-4-6. Schayes played 56 games (15-8).

(27) 1976 Philadelphia 76ers (46-36) vs. (34) 2005 Philadelphia 76ers (43-39)

Cunningham played 20 games before calling it quits…George McGinnis had 23-13-5, while Doug Collins had 21-4-3, and Fred Carter had 19-4-5. Steve Mix had 14-8, as rookie World B Free made an appearance.

Pretty explosive scoring year for AI (31-4-8), as a rookie Andre Iguodala (9-6) joined him. Chris Webber was traded over, and had 16-8-3 in 21 games, after 46 in Sactown.

(28) 1989 Philadelphia 76ers (46-36) vs. (33) 2002 Philadelphia 76ers (43-39)

Barkley had 26-13 this year, as Mike Gminski had 17-9, Ron Anderson had 16-5, Hershey Hawkins had 15-3-3, and Mo Cheeks had 12-3-8…

After a Finals berth the last year, they can’t pass Boston in round one this year….AI had 31-5-6, Derrick Coleman (available 58 games…) had 15-9, while Mutombo had 12-11, and Eric Snow had 12-4-7.

(29) 1999 Philadelphia 76ers (28-22) vs. (32) 1957 Syracuse Nationals (38-34)

AI had 27-5-5, Matt Geiger had 14-7, and Eric Snow had 6 assists…nothing great (and I say that about all the AI teams…the team isn’t really great, but you’d pay to see Iverson play…).

After beating the Celtics many, many times, Boston finally sweeps them in the playoffs…Schayes had 23-14, Ed Conlin had 13-6-3, and Red Kerr had 12-11.

(30) 1987 Philadelphia 76ers (45-37) vs. (31) 1991 Philadelphia 76ers (44-38)

We end with two Barkley teams…Barkley led the league in boards this year, in his impressive 23-15-5 statline. Doctor Julius Erving is in his final year, finishing it out with 17-4-3. Meanwhile, Mo Cheeks had 16-3-8, and Andrew Toney (though in only 52 games) had 11-2-4. Three others scored double figures.

Barkley had 28-10-4, Hershey Hawkins had 22-4-4, and Ron Anderson had 15 points…

That’s Philly…The legends speak for themselves. This is a top tier franchise.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Syracuse/Philadelphia Nationals/76ers! Next, Connie Hawkins, Paul Westphal, Sir Charles, and Steve Nash all scorch the competition.

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