Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Spurs (Part 2)

(11) 2004 San Antonio Spurs (57-25) vs. (26) 1992 San Antonio Spurs (47-35)

OK year…Couldn’t get past LA though….Timmy had 22-12, Tony Parker had 15-3-6, Manu had 13-5-4, and….Hedo Turkoglu had 9-5??? Didn’t even know he played in San Antonio….Bruce Bowen was there too….

OK year…..Robinson had 23-12-3-2-4.5 (steals…wow…4.5 blocks!), as Terry Cummings had 17-9, Sean Elliot had 16-5, Willie Anderson had 13-5-5, and Rod Strickland had 14-5-9.

(12) 1990 San Antonio Spurs (56-26) vs. (25) 1982 San Antonio Spurs (48-34)

Robinson had 24-12-2-2-4 to debut, as Sean Elliot had 10-4, Terry Cummings had 22-8, and Willie Anderson had 16-5-4. 

Gervin led the league in scoring for the last time, during his 32-5 season. Mike Mitchell came over mid-year and had 21-8 in 57 games…

(13) 1998 San Antonio Spurs (56-26) vs. (24) 1979 San Antonio Spurs (48-34)

Very good year, as Timmy debuts with 21-12, and David Robinson has 22-11. A successful year one for Timmy.

Another league leading year for George, as he had 30-5. Larry Kenon had 22-10-4, James Silas had 16-2-4, and Billy Paultz had 12-8.

(14) 2008 San Antonio Spurs (56-26) vs. (23) 1993 San Antonio Spurs (49-33)

Pretty good…Timmy led them with 19-11, as Manu had 20-5-5, essentially off the bench, Tony Parker had 19-3-6, and Finley had 10-3…Bowen had 6-3.

OK year…David Robinson had 23-12-4-2-3, Sean Elliot had 17-5-4, Dale Ellis had 17-4, and Antoine Carr had 13-6….

(15) 1991 San Antonio Spurs (55-27) vs. (22) 2010 San Antonio Spurs (50-32)

David Robinson statistically crushed everyone with an inhuman 26-13-3-2-4 year. Terry Cummings had 18-8, Sean Elliot added 16-6, Willie Anderson had 14-5-5, and Rod Strickland had 14-4-8 (in 57 games…).

They’re getting older…Timmy had 18-10, Manu had 17-4-5, and Tony had 16-2-6. George Hill had 12-3-3, and Richard Jefferson had 12-4…Not a bad team…They also ensure that the average team will be above 50 wins, a very impressive feat…

(16) 1994 San Antonio Spurs (55-27) vs. (21) 1981 San Antonio Spurs (52-30)

David had 30-11-5-2-3…..Pretty impressive…Dale Ellis had 15-3, and Willie Anderson had 12-3-4….

Not too bad…Gervin had 27-5, James Silas had 18-3-4, and Dave Corzine had 11-8, as Mark Olberding had 12-6-3….

(17) 2009 San Antonio Spurs (54-28) vs. (20) 1978 San Antonio Spurs (52-30)

Pretty good year….Timmy had 19-11-4, Parker had 22-3-7, Manu had only 44 games this year (16-5-4), as Roger Mason had 12-3….(Roger is one of my favorite players….Just love him for some reason…).

Gervin averaged 27-5-4, which was good enough to lead the league in scoring…Larry Kenon had 21-10, as Billy Paultz had 16-8…

(18) 1983 San Antonio Spurs (53-29) vs. (19) 2000 San Antonio Spurs (53-29)

Not bad….Gervin had 26-5-3, Artis Gilmore had 18-12, Johnny Moore had 12-4-10, Mike Mitchell had 20-7, and Gene Banks had 15-8….Pretty good, I guess….

Duncan had 23-12, and David Robinson had 18-10, as Avery Johnson added 6 assists…

I say not bad for a lot of the teams…Well, they would be good teams for pretty much every other franchise……Very boring, but very effective, and an excelling winning franchise.

Ladies and gentlemen, you San Antonio Spurs! Next, Vince Carter, and Chris Bosh clawing away at the most whiny franchise ever. That’s right! We’re headed to Canada to dig up some dinosaur bones!

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