Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Pacers (Part 2)

(11) 1990 Indiana Pacers (42-40) vs. (26) 2009 Indiana Pacers (36-46) 

Decent…Reggie had 25-4-4, Chuck Person had 20-6, and Detlef Schrempf had 16-8. Two others were big: Rik Smits (16-6), and Vern Fleming (14-4-7).

Danny Granger had 26-5-3, TJ Ford had 15-4-5, and Troy Murphy had 14-12….there really is nothing to say here….(Also just trying to get through it for your and my sanity…)

(12) 2002 Indiana Pacers (42-40) vs. (25) 2008 Indiana Pacers (36-46)

Jermaine O’Neal was pretty good, good enough for 19-11. Jalen Rose was shipped out for Ron Artest (11-5) this season, losing his 19 additional points. Reggie wasn’t awful this season, with 17-3-3. Jamaal Tinsley joined the NBA with a very successful 9-4-8 rookie year.

Meh…not good. Danny Granger had 20-6, and Mike Dunleavy had 19-5-4 (!?!?!?!). Jermaine O’Neal barely played, same with Jamaal Tinsley…

(13) 1987 Indiana Pacers (41-41) vs. (24) 1977 Indiana Pacers (36-46)

This season earned them Reggie Miller (11th pick). Here’s some stats: Chuck Person had 19-8, John Long had 15-3-3, Herb Williams and Wayman Tisdale both gave 15 points, and Williams had 7 boards, and Steve Stipanovich had 13-8. Norm Nixon would miss the whole year, after blowing out his knee in a softball game (he stepped in a hole…).

This is their first NBA year. Billy Knight had 27-8-3, Dan Roundfield had 14-9, and Wil Jones had 13-8….

(14) 1991 Indiana Pacers (41-41) vs. (23) 2011 Indiana Pacers (37-45)

I guess this team isn’t that bad…Reggie had 24-3-4, Chuck Person had 19-5-3, and Detlef Schrempf had 16-8-4.

Yup, this is a playoff team…Danny Granger had 21-5-3, Darren Collison had 13-3-5, and Roy Hibbert had 13-8…nothing special.

(15) 1993 Indiana Pacers (41-41) vs. (22) 1980 Indiana Pacers (37-45)

This is very boring to do…the Pacers such everywhere! Reggie had 21-3-3, Detlef Schrempf had 19-10-6 (that’s right…he played 82 games also), Rik Smits had 14-5, and Pooh Richardson added in 10-4-8.

Let’s keep going……..Mickey Johnson had 19-8-4, Johnny Davis had 16-3-5, James Edwards had 16-7, and Alex English was traded mid-way through the year (he wasn’t doing spectacular), for George McGinnis (13-9-4)….not a very good deal…

(16) 2001 Indiana Pacers (41-41) vs. (21) 1988 Indiana Pacers (38-44)

This is Jermaine O’Neal’s first season in Indiana, after being a bench warmer in Portland. He had 13-10, but was greatly outshone by Jalen Rose (21-5-6), and Reggie Miller (19-4-3).

Reggie’s rookie year amounts to 10 points…not very good…they kinda needed a legit scorer (even if Reggie isn’t a scorer….), as Chuck Person (17-7-4) led them…Wayman Tisdale had 16-6, and Vern Fleming had 14-5-7.

(17) 2006 Indiana Pacers (41-41) vs. (20) 1979 Indiana Pacers (38-44)

Jermaine O’Neal (20-9) played only 51 games, and Ron Artest was shipped out to Sac Town (for Peja Stojakovic ((20-6…you forget how he used to be pretty good before….well he started sucking…))). Stephen Jackson was still good for 16-4-3.

Bla……..BORING. Johnny Davis had 18-6, Ricky Sobers had 17-4-6, James Edwards had 17-9, and Alex English had 16-8-3.

(18) 1992 Indiana Pacers (40-42) vs. (19) 1997 Indiana Pacers (39-43)

Oooo…So close to .500…I was trying not to jinx it. Anyway, Reggie had 21-4-4, Chuck Person had 19-5-5, Detlef Schrempf had 17-10-4, and Michael Williams had 15-4-8. 

Last team (we made it). Reggie Miller had 22-4-3, Rik Smits played 52 games (17-7). The Davis had pretty good numbers. Antonio had 11-7, and Dale had 10-10.

There we go…we saw a lot of crap, and Reggie Miller….

Ladies and gentlemen, you Indiana Pacers! Next up, Bob McAdoo, Elton Brand, plus Norm Nixon, Danny Manning, and Shaun Livingston’s blown out knees! ON TO THE CLIPPERS!!!

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