Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Clippers (Part 1)

Well, it’s Clippers time. As we said before, a WHOLE lot of blown out knees…Not much positiveness…only Bob McAdoo…Remember they used to be in Buffalo, where we start.

(1) 1975 Buffalo Braves (49-33) 

They didn’t have ONE 50 win team in 41 years….Every team formed before 1995 (before the Grizzlies/Raptors expansion, though Memphis has won 50 before...) have won 50 in a year…not LA. Bob McAdoo played in his best Buffalo year, averaging 35-14. Randy Smith had 18-4-7, Jim McMillian had 14-6, and Gar Heard had 11-10….pretty good team I guess.

(2) 2006 Los Angeles Clippers (47-35) vs. (41) 1987 Los Angeles Clippers (12-70)

This is the only good (read: winning) year in the Elton Brand era. Brand had 25-10, and Chris Kaman had 12-10. Isn’t it ironic that Corey Maggette played only 32 games…and this is their only good team with him….Cuttino Mobley had 15-4-3, and Sam Cassell had 17-4-6.

One fun game to play with this is “Who Did This Stink Bomb Earn LA?”. This one earned them Reggie Williams….who did nothing for them at all….This was ugly. 70 losses? Mike Woodson had 17-2-3 for them. Marques Johnson suffered a neck injury, which basically ended his career (the Clipper’s curse strikes!). Michael Cage had 16-12, and was getting ready to lead the league in boards next season….

(3) 1976 Buffalo Braves (46-36) vs. (40) 1999 Los Angeles Clippers (9-41)

Not bad…McAdoo had 31-12-4, and was helped by 22-5-6 from Randy Smith. Jim McMillian contributed 16-5, and Gar Heard was shipped out mid-year (of course, he was, who else could have executed “Gar Heard, turnaround shot in the air…good! It’s good!” in the finals), for John Shumate.

Maurice Taylor had 17-5…who is that again? Lamar Odom came of this.

(4) 1992 Los Angeles Clippers (45-37) vs. (39) 2000 Los Angeles Clippers (15-67)

Wow, the Clippers had a half decent year! Danny Manning had 19-7-5, and Ron Harper had 18-6-5…Nothing else really though, as Charles Smith played less than 50 games…

This got them Darius Miles (and with that, passing up some decent players…)! Wow…this team sucks. Maurice Taylor had 17-7, Derek Anderson had 17-4-3, and rookie Lamar Odom had 17-8-4. And who can forget the Kandiman! Olowokandi had 10-8.

(5) 1979 San Diego Clippers (43-39) vs. (38) 1998 Los Angeles Clippers (17-65)

This is their first San Diego year. World B Free, in his first Clippers year, had 29-4-4, and Randy Smith also dazzled in the scoring department, with 21-4-5. Kermit Washington (11-10) was the enforcer, and Swen Nater (11-9) was another center…just wait, Bill Walton’s dismantled body comes over next year….and they forgot to pick up instructions….

The Clipper’s curse strikes again! Loy Vaught, leading scorer/boarder from last year, has season ending back surgery, and basically can’t stay playing, or stay playing good ever again….Lamond Murray led scores with 15-6, and Isaac Austin came over mid-year to average 15-9-4. Rodney Rodgers had 15-6-3. Guess who’s coming to LA…That’s right! Michael Olowokandi! 

(6) 1974 Buffalo Braves (42-40) vs. (37) 1995 Los Angeles Clippers (17-65)

Not bad! This is a pretty deep team…McAdoo had 31-15, Jim McMillian had 19-7-3, and Randy Smith had 16-4-5. Also important, rookie of the year Ernie DiGregorio (15-3-8), and Gar Heard (15-12).

This got them Antonio McDyess…who they traded….This year, Loy Vaught had 18-10 (see what they were missing when he got back surgery?), and Lamond Murray had 14-4. Malik Sealy had 13-4-2. Pooh Richardson had 11-3-8.

(7) 1993 Los Angeles Clippers (41-41) vs. (36) 1988 Los Angeles Clippers (17-65)

Before this season, Danny Manning rejected a four year extension. They set a deal to send him to Miami for Glen Rice…but Donald Sterling rejects it, and they sign him for one year before he can leave…during next season, they send him to Atlanta for Dominique Wilkens, but FAs who were supposed to leave…and they both did once they were traded…Manning was great this year, averaging 23-7. Ron Harper had 18-5-5, Ken Norman had 15-8, and Mark Jackson had 14-5-9.

This earned them Danny Manning, touted to be a sure thing. In the meanwhile, Michael Cage was busy leading the league in rebounds, averaging 15-13 this year. Mike Woodson led scorers with 18 points. Benoit Benjamin had 13-8. Norm Nixon missed an entire year after ruptured his Achilles, after missing last year with a blown out knee….

(8) 2007 Los Angeles Clippers (40-42) vs. (35) 1982 San Diego Clippers (17-65)

The Clips slip below .500, while the opposite end hasn’t even reached 20 wins yet! This was Shaun Livingston’s gruesome leg injury (Clipper’s curse). Don’t look up the clip of it…it’s so hard to watch…his leg totally bends the wrong way…ugh…He had 9-3-5 before the injury. Brand led the team with 21-9, and Maggette had 17-6. Cuttino Mobley had 14-3-3, and Sam Cassell had 12-3-5…

Rookie Tom Chambers leads this team with 17-7, as Walton misses the entire year. Michael Brooks had 16-8, and Jerome Whitehead had 14-9.

(9) 2002 Los Angeles Clippers (39-43) vs. (34) 2009 Los Angeles Clippers (19-63)

Elton Brand joined LA this year. He had 18-12, one of the only good players. Jeff McInnis had 15-3-6, Quintin Richardson had 13 points off the bench, Michael Olowokandi had 11-9, and Corey Maggette had 11 points. Lamar Odom played less than 30 games this year…

Bad…But it earned them Griffin…Zach Randolph came over in a mid-year traded (and had 21-9 with them…), and they ridded themselves of Cuttino Mobley doing so (I’d say have Randolph is worse than Mobley though…). Al Thornton had 17-5, rookie Eric Gordon had 16-3-3, Baron Davis had 15-4-8, and Marcus Camby had 10-11. 

(10) 2005 Los Angeles Clippers (37-45) vs. (33) 1989 Los Angeles Clippers (21-61)

Only 2 good players here (I use the term “good” loosely here…). Corey Maggette was the best scorer, with 22-6-3, and Elton Brand had 20-10-3. Bobby Simmons averaged 16-6. Nothing good the rest of the way down (unless you count Marko Jaric, 50 games of 10-3-6….not your ideal point guard…)

Danny Manning’s rookie year! Unfortunately, he blows out his knee in December…Ken Norman led scorers, with 18-8-4, and Benoit Benjamin had 16-9, while Charles Smith had 16-7. This got them Danny Ferry #2 overall…of course, he doesn’t want to play there, and threatens to go overseas, and was panic-traded to Cleveland for Ron Harper….of course, Harper blows out his knee in his first LA season…

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