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The Spurs (Part 1)

There really is no debate that this is the best ABA team in the NBA…They missed the playoffs only 4 times in the NBA, and for Indiana, and New Jersey, you couldn’t count it on one hand…And Denver wasn’t that good either. And look at the stars, George Gervin, David Robinson, and Timmy Duncan, all top 50 all time. And 4 champs. You can’t dispute that….

(1) 2006 San Antonio Spurs (63-19)

The team stuck between two champs gets a bye. They couldn’t get by the Mavs in a Game 7 overtime thriller, even with Duncan submitting a monster 41-20. During the year, however, Timmy slipped down below 20 points a game, with 19-11-3 this year…Tony Parker had 19-3-6, Manu Ginobili had 15-4-4, as Michael Finley had 10-3, and Bruce Bowen had 8-4 along with some powerful (dirty) defense….Let’s talk about Timmy now….Timmy is a top 10 player most likely because of how great of a teammate he was. What sets him apart from KG is that he knows when to turn it on, and totally crush everyone. Maybe not in an exciting way, like KG, but he got it done. A very effective player, though he did have a weaker era than some other top 10 candidates….Essentially, he’s a great, top tier team player, someone you would want to play with, and he did crush anyone when needed. Boring, but effective…One thing I don’t like is how he bulges his eyes at a bad call….That would be my complaint….

(2) 1995 San Antonio Spurs (62-20) vs. (35) 1997 San Antonio Spurs (20-62)

The best David Robinson without Duncan team…. (MVP) David had 28-11-3-2-3 (blocks-steals…And then he got destroyed by Hakeem after the presentation of the MVP award during their playoff…), as Sean Elliot had 18-4-3, Avery Johnson (such an annoying voice. I hope he coaches overseas for the rest of his life so I don’t have to hear his voice…) had 13-3-8, Vinny Del Negro had 13-3-3, as Chuck Person had 11-3. Dennis Rodman played only 49 games, but had 7-17 when he was available…A 39 year old Moses Malone played 17 games of 3-3…Not too bad of a team, but I seriously doubt, no matter their record, that they will win the Spurs tourney. Or even make the Final 4….

A 59 win team turned 20 win….You should make it less obvious you’re tanking for Timmy...I know Robinson played 6 games…but I bet they were tanking anyway. He hurt his back in the preseason, then came back………..then he broke his foot after 6 games….Sean Elliot also played only 39 games….So….a 37 year old Dominique Wilkins had 18-6….Vernon Maxwell had 13-2-2………..Avery Johnson had 11-2-7…………….and Vinny Del Negro had 12-3-3….

(3) 2011 San Antonio Spurs (61-21) vs. (34) 1989 San Antonio Spurs (21-61)

The most recent Spurs team….Timmy had 13-9, Tony Parker had 18-3-7, Manu had 17-4-5 and Richard Jefferson had 11-4. George Hill had 12-3-3, and DeJuan Blair had 8-7…And they lost to Memphis in round 1….

The year before Robinson…….Ugly….Willie Anderson had 19-5-5, Alvin Robertson (one of the better Spurs…He won a DPOY, and made 4 all-star teams (4th on the team…you guess who’s above him…), and led the league in steals with almost 4 in a year….Of course, he’s in Milwaukee the next year…..) had 17-6-6-3 (he also once had a quadruple double, with 10 assists/steals, 11 boards, and 20 points…), and Greg Anderson had 14-8…Not a good year….

(4) 1999 San Antonio Spurs (37-13) vs. (33) 1987 San Antonio Spurs (28-54)

The first champ we see was the first Spurs champ also…Timmy had 22-11, as he formed a better twin tower pair with David Robinson (16-10). Sean Elliot had 11-4, and Avery Johnson had 7 assists….So it really is just Timmy and David…I mean, look at this….Mario Ellie, Jaren Jackson (who??), Malik Rose, Antonio Daniels, Steve Kerr, 36 year old Jerome Kersey, and Will Perdue….Awful team other than really just the Towers, Elliot, and Avery Johnson (I guess….).

Alvin Robertson had 18-5-5-3….They thought giving Mychal Thompson to LA for free was smart….Artis Gilmore had 11-7…and David Greenwood had 12-10….

(5) 2003 San Antonio Spurs (60-22) vs. (32) 1988 San Antonio Spurs (31-51)

The second champ…This was Timmy’s team now (23-13-4), as David Robinson fell to 8-7 in his last year…Tony Parker had 16-3-5, Stephen Jackson had 12-4, Malik Rose had 10-6, and Manu had 8-2-2 off the bench. Bruce Bowen added some D…Good team. This proves how good Duncan is. Replace him with Emeka Okafor? We’re talking 30-40 win season….

Believe it or not, this is actually a playoff team…Alvin Robertson had 20-6-7-3, Walter Berry had 17-5, Frank Brickowski had 16-7, and Johnny Dawkins had 16-3-7.

(6) 1996 San Antonio Spurs (59-23) vs. (31) 1986 San Antonio Spurs (35-47)

I guess this isn’t TOO bad…Robinson had 25-12, Sean Elliot had 20-5, Avery Johnson had 13-3-10, and Chuck Person had 11-5, as Vinny Del Negro had 15-3-4…

This is their first year without Gervin……Mike Mitchell had 23-5, Alvin Robertson broke out with 17-6-6, and 3.7 steals…Artis Gilmore had 17-9, and Steve Johnson had 14-7….

(7) 2005 San Antonio Spurs (59-23) vs. (30) 1984 San Antonio Spurs (37-45)

Another champ…pretty good one too…Timmy had 20-11, as his “Big 3” support picked up, with Manu averaging 16-4-4, and Tony Parker added 17-4-6. Of course, Bruce Bowen added 8-4, as they went on to beat the Pistons in the Finals….

That took us a while…we finally see our first Gervin team. Yeah, he is past his scoring prime, and hasn’t led the NBA in scoring in two years (in the time of prolific scorers ((Maravich, Dantley, and English)), he won the scoring title 4 times….), but his 26-4 averages are still spectacular. Mike Mitchell had 23-7, Artis Gilmore had 15-10, John Lucas had 11-3-11, and Gene Banks had 13-7, as Johnny Moore (in 59 games) added 10 points and 10 assists…not a bad team…

(8) 2001 San Antonio Spurs (58-24) vs. (29) 1985 San Antonio Spurs (41-41)

Timmy had 22-12, as David Robinson was getting old, but still had 14-9…Derek Anderson had 16-4-4, and Antonio Daniels had 9-2-4, as they got swept the Lakers….

Pretty good year…Gervin was in his last Spurs year though, as he had 21-3-3, and didn’t even lead them in scoring, Mike Mitchell did, with 22-5. Artis Gilmore had 19-10 (at age 35…), Johnny Moore had 13-5-10, and Alvin Robertson debuted with 9-3-4…

(9) 2002 San Antonio Spurs (58-24) vs. (28) 1980 San Antonio Spurs (41-41)

Decent year….Timmy had 26-13-4 (very good year for Duncan), but Robinson only managed 12-8. Steve Smith had 12-3-2…

The last year of Gervin’s three peat scoring titles (he won another in 1982…). Gervin averaged 33-5 this year, as James Silas added 18-2-5. And we can’t forget about Larry Kenon. A very explosive player (20-10), but a definite head case, confirmed after he proclaimed (after George Gervin won Most Popular Spur…), “This town has Gervinitis. They don’t recognize me enough. I’m the best player in the game”…

(10) 2007 San Antonio Spurs (58-24) vs. (27) 1977 San Antonio Spurs (44-38)

The last champ…They beat Cleveland in an awful series...Timmy had 20-11-3, Tony Parker had 19-3-6, Manu had 17-4-4, and Michael Finley had 9-3. Bruce Bowen added some D, and Robert Horry smashed Steve Nash into the scorer’s table…

The first NBA year for San Antonio…Gervin smashed into the NBA with 23-6, as did Kenon, with 22-11. Billy Paultz also added 16-8…..

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