Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Raptors

The Raptors….Vince, Bosh, Bargnani (I guess I get to learn how to spell his name now)….nothing special. Not a very good team overall….

(1) 2001 Toronto Raptors (47-35) vs. (16) 1998 Toronto Raptors (16-66)

Pretty bad for a best team…Vince had 28-6-4, Antonio Davis had 14-10, Alvin Williams had 10-3-5, and Charles Oakley had 10-10…..They made it to round 2 before they lost in the semis…

……This got them Antawn Jamison (who was immediately turned into Vince Carter…I’m sorry Toronto.). Former Rookie of the Year Damon Stoudamire (19-4-8) was traded to Portland as Marcus Camby had 12-7, and almost 4 blocks, Doug Christie had 17-5-4, and John Wallace had 14-5. Rookie Tracy McGrady (straight out of High School) had 7-4. 

(2) 2007 Toronto Raptors (47-35) vs. (15) 1996 Toronto Raptors (21-61)

Our first look at Chris Bosh (great). Bosh had 23-11 (and he only got 11 boards because……………THERE IS NO ONE ELSE TO HELP HIM AT ALL. No one else averages 5 or more boards….), TJ Ford had 14-3-8, Anthony Parker added 12-4, Jose Calderon had 9-2-5, and Andrea Bargnani had 12-4 (after being drafted 1st overall……What a stupid move. It started their tradition of drafting Euros….).

Rookie of the Year Damon Stoudamire had 19-4-9, Tracy Murray had 16-4, and Oliver Miller had 13-7. Year one of Toronto.

(3) 2000 Toronto Raptors (45-37) vs. (14) 2011 Toronto Raptors (22-60)

Vincey had 26-6-4, as Cousin Tracy had 15-6 (and then he was traded after the year. To Orlando. And then he became good….). Doug Christie had 12-4-4, and Antonio Davis had 12-9.

Bargnani had 21-5 (I’m mostly impressed by the 5 boards….21 points? Meh……….he’s a soft Euro. What’s to like? Sure, he might be OK on a crap team like this, but he wouldn’t see many minutes in Boston, or LA…Actually, Boston REALLY needs a big….), and DeMar DeRozen had 17-4 and Calderon had 9 assists…

(4) 2002 Toronto Raptors (42-40) vs. (13) 2003 Toronto Raptors (24-58)

VInceyboy had 25-5-4, Antonio Davis had 15-10, Mo Pete had 14-4, as Hakeem ended his career with a 7-6 in Canada….

A straight year matchup, so we go one year on…Poor Vincey…..he played only 43 games (21-4-3), so Voshon Lenard had 14-3, Mo Pete had 14-4, and Antonio Davis had 14-8 (in only 53 games…). 

(5) 2008 Toronto Raptors (41-41) vs. (12) 2006 Toronto Raptors (27-55)

This franchise is just depressing to do…The only thing I like is the jerseys they had during the Vince era….I love the purple dino….That’s really all I like….Oh, and I HATE the red…..Anyway, Bosh had 22-9….Anthony Parker had 13-4, Bargnani had 10-4, as TJ Ford played 51 games (12-2-6), so Calderon had 11-3-8….

Chris Bosh had 23-9, Mo Pete had 17-5, and………..Mike James had 20-3-6?!?!?!?!? I never knew he did that much in Toronto………

(6) 2010 Toronto Raptors (40-42) vs. (11) 1997 Toronto Raptors (30-52)

……Bosh had 24-11, and Bargnani had 17-6. Bad team.

Damon Stoudamire had 20-4-9, Walt Williams had 16-5, Marcus Camby had 15-6, and Doug Christie had 15-5-4…….So many awful teams….I’m not rushing through these………..There is just nothing to say……

(7) 1999 Toronto Raptors (23-27) vs. (10) 2009 Toronto Raptors (33-49)

Ol’ VInceyboy debuted with 18-6, as Doug Christie had 15-4, and Kevin Willis had 12-8. Tracy had 9-6……….

Bosh had 23-10, as he began the year paired up with Jermaine O’Neal (14-7), but he was traded to Miami for Shawn Marion (14-8). Andrea Bargnani had 15-5, and Calderon had 13-3-9.

(8) 2004 Toronto Raptors (33-49) vs. (9) 2005 Toronto Raptors (33-49)

Vince had 23-5-5, as Donyell Marshall had 16-11, and Bosh debuted with 12-7….Jalen Rose came over in a trade, and stayed 50 games (16-4-6).

Straight year matchup…Vince got traded this year. He tried to tank (yes, he admitted it), and tried to force a trade, which came, as he went to Jersey, and Toronto got nothing back. He averaged 16-3-3 in 20 games….Wow. Bosh had 17-9, Jalen Rose had 19-3-3, and Rafer Alston had 14-4-6.

That’s it! Toronto is done! What an awful 16 years…..Nothing good came during those years in Toronto. Nothing at all….

Ladies and gentlemen, your Toronto Raptors! Next, Stockton and Malone execute the pick and roll to perfection.

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