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The Knicks (Part 3)

The Final Knicks post here!

(21) 1959 New York Knicks (40-32) vs. (40) 2003 New York Knicks (37-45) 

OK team…Kenny Sears had 21-9 to lead scores, while Willie Naulls had 16-11, Richie Guerin had 18-7-5, while Carl Braun made an 11-4-5 appearance.

This is bad…Allan Houston had 23-3-3, and Spree had 16-4-5, while Kurt Thomas had 14-8.

(22) 1990 New York Knicks (45-37) vs. (39) 1988 New York Knicks (38-44)

Patrick Ewing was amazing this year, averaging 29-11, while his teammates added 15-12 (Oakley), 15-5-4 (Gerald Wilkins), 10-4-7 (Mark Jackson), while Mo Cheeks made a 33 game appearance.

Decent (this is a playoff team…)…Ewing had 20-8, Gerald Wilkins had 17-3-4, Mark Jackson had 14-5-11, and Cartwright added 11 points.

(23) 1999 New York Knicks (27-23) vs. (38) 1976 New York Knicks (38-44)

The famous 8th seed to make the Finals. Ewing had 17-10, Spree had 16-4-3, Houston had 16-3-3, and Larry Johnson had 12-6….this isn’t too bad, but it isn’t anything to rave about.

The ugly Knicks, after the golden age (read: after Reed retired…he was gone after 1974). Monroe was still pretty good this year, averaging 21-4-4, as was Frazier (19-7-6). The Knicks had added Spencer Haywood (20-11). Bradley had 11-3-3.

(24) 1983 New York Knicks (44-38) vs. (37) 2004 New York Knicks (39-43)

An OK team...King had 22-5-3, Bill Cartwright had 16-7, Truck Robinson had 10-8, and Paul Westphal had 10-1-6.

Marbury (20-3-9) and Penny Hardaway (10-5) came over in a mid-season trade. Houston had 19 points in only 50 games…the beginning of the dark ages.

(25) 1955 New York Knicks (38-34) vs. (36) 1991 New York Knicks (39-43)

Pretty good year….may not compare to some of the best early years, but still top notch 50s team. Braun had 15-4-4, Gallatin had 15-14, and Ray Felix had 14-11. Clifton had 13-9, and Dick McGuire had 9-5-8.

Ewing had 27-11, Kiki Vandeweghe had 16-2-2, Mark Jackson had 9-3-6, Mo Cheeks had 8-2-6, Charles Oakley had 11-12, and Gerald Wilkins had 14-3-4…not a bad team, but I doubt they beat 1955.

(26) 1968 New York Knicks (43-39) vs. (35) 1980 New York Knicks (39-43)

Reed had 21-13, Walt Bellamy had 17-12, Dick Barnett had 18-3-3, Cazzie Russell had 17-5, and rookie Walt Frazier had 9-4-4.

Earl Monroe played his last year, averaging 7-1-1….Bill Cartwright had 22-9, and Ray Williams had 21-5-6, while Michael Ray Richardson had 15-6-10-3…this is a pretty good team…has a legit chance of beating 1980.

(27) 1978 New York Knicks (43-39) vs. (34) 1958 New York Knicks (35-37)

McAdoo had 27-13-4, Spencer Haywood had 14-7, and Earl the Pearl had 18-2-5….Not much to say.

An OK team…Kenny Sears had 19-11, Naulls had 18-12, Carl Braun had 17-5-6, Guerin had 17-8-5, and Ray Felix had 12-10…no doubt they beat 1978….this is a pretty good team actually…It’s sort of a gathering of some of the best 50s/early 60s stars, save McGuire and Gallatin…

(28) 1998 New York Knicks (43-39) vs. (33) 1956 New York Knicks (35-37)

Ewing had 21-10, Johnson had 16-6, Houston had 18-3-3, and Oak had 9-9…not really a standout year.

An Ok year….Carl Braun scored 15-4-4 a night, while Gallatin grabbed 14-10 nightly. Sears had 13-9, and Felix had 12-9. Dick McGuire had 7-4-6….

(29) 2011 New York Knicks (42-40) vs. (32) 1977 New York Knicks (40-42)

*Sigh*...not this team! Melo had 26-7-3, and Amare had 25-8-3. And I think it was an awful trade for NY.

McAdoo had 27-13, while Monroe had 20-3-5. Frazier had 17-4-5 in his last NY year…he’d be sent to Cleveland in compensation for signing Jim Cleamons! Jim Cleamons! For Walt Frazier! Spencer Haywood played only 31 games….

(30) 1957 New York Knicks (36-36) vs. (31) 1975 New York Knicks (40-42)

Our last NY team (finally! Some of these teams have been excessively dull….). Gallatin had 15-10, Sears had 15-9, and Braun had 14-4-4, while Naulls (10-9) and Guerin (10-5) made a few contributions….

Only 3 really good players: Frazier (22-6-6), Monroe (21-4-4) and Bradley (13-3-3)….

That’s all for the Knicks….Gallatin, Frazier, Reed, Ewing…some pretty big names, but never the biggest….Some pretty famous teams, but not the most famous…Overall, a pretty good team through its history…

Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Knicks! Next, DJ, Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp and the Seattle turned OKC Sonics!

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