Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Bucks (Part 2)

The end of the Bucks!

(11) 1983 Milwaukee Bucks (51-31) vs. (34) 1997 Milwaukee Bucks (33-49) 

This team is famous for sweeping the Celtics in the semis this year…that’s the team that would move on to a champ the next year (without Tiny Archibald though, he went to this team for 1984…). Sidney (23-6-4) and Marques (21-7-5) both had phenomenal seasons, while Junior Bridgeman had 14-4-3. Bob Lanier played only 39 games, while Paul Pressey played 7-4-3 to debut. Dave Cowens made an unsuccessful comeback this year, with him averaging 8-7 in 40 games. He may be only 34, but his talent had diminished since his retirement in 1980.

The Glenn Robinson (21-6) and Vin Baker (21-10) combo was joined this year by rookie Ray Allen (13-4-3). 

(12) 1984 Milwaukee Bucks (50-32) vs. (33) 2009 Milwaukee Bucks (34-48)

These guys made the East Finals for the second straight year, but Boston convincingly proved who really was better, winning 4-1. Sidney Moncrief had 21-7-5, and Marques Johnson had 21-7-4, while Bob Lanier came back for a last hurrah, averaging 14-6. Junior Bridgeman had 15 points, and Tiny Archibald ended his career a Buck, finish with 7-2-4.

Charlie Villanueva had 22-9 (wonder how many people saw THAT coming…) as Redd plays only 33 games. Richard Jefferson had 20-5, and Ramon Sessions had 16-5-8. Bogut played only 36 games this year also…

(13) 1987 Milwaukee Bucks (50-32) vs. (32) 1995 Milwaukee Bucks (34-48)

Sidney Moncrief played only 39 games, and John Lucas only had 43 games. With that said…they still won 50! Terry Cummings led the way with 21-9, and Ricky Pierce had 20-3, mostly off the bench. Jack Sikma had 13-10.

Yawn. Glenn Robinson (22-6), Vin Baker (18-10-4), Todd Day (16-4), and Eric Murdock (13-3-6) were the best of the best on the 1995 Bucks.

(14) 1980 Milwaukee Bucks (49-33) vs. (31) 2011 Milwaukee Bucks (35-47)

Decent team…Marques Johnson had 22-7-4, Junior Bridgeman had 18-4-3, and Bob Lanier came over in a February trade for Kent Benson, and he had 16-7 in 26 games. Brian Winters had 16-3-5, and Sidney Moncrief debuted for 9-4. 

….Brandon Jennings had 16-4-5, and Andrew Bogut had 13-11…

(15) 1989 Milwaukee Bucks (49-33) vs. (30) 1998 Milwaukee Bucks (36-46)

Sidney is in his last Bucks year (he’d sit out a year then take a reserve job in Atlanta…), and he only manages 12-3-3. Meanwhile, Terry Cummings is averaging 23-8, while Ricky Pierce had 18 points, Sikma had 13-8-4, and Pressey had 12-4-7.

Vin Baker was shipped out to Seattle, so Glenn Robinson (23-6) and Ray Allen (20-5-4) had to pick up the slack, which Allen did, in a great 2nd year. Terrell Brandon had 17-4-8, yet played only 50 games.

(16) 1991 Milwaukee Bucks (48-34) vs. (29) 1979 Milwaukee Bucks (38-44)

Meh…not very good. Ricky Pierce (23-3-2) was traded mid-year for Dale Ellis (19-4). Jay Humphries had 15-3-7, and Alvin Robertson had 14-6-6…Adrian Dantley was signed for 10 games, the last of his career.

Marques Johnson had 26-8-3, Winters had 20-2-5, and Junior Bridgeman had 16-4. Norm Van Lier finished his career in Milwaukee after being waived by Chicago…he had 3-1-4 (what’s with all these elder stars ending their career’s here…Dantley, Van Lier, Cowens, Archibald….).

(17) 2010 Milwaukee Bucks (46-36) vs. (28) 1976 Milwaukee Bucks (38-44)

Bogut had 16-10, and rookie Brandon Jennings had 16-3-6. That’s all there is to it.

The year after Kareem warrants the same record as the last year with him…Dandridge had 22-7, Winters had 18-3-5, while Elmore Smith had 16-11.

(18) 1999 Milwaukee Bucks (28-22) vs. (27) 1975 Milwaukee Bucks (38-44)

Glenn Robinson had 18-6, Allen had 17-4-4, and they were joined (for four games) by Sam Cassell (14-2-4) who came over in a trade. Terrell Brandon (14-4-7) was shipped out during the year.

Sure, Kareem (30-14-4) and Dandridge (20-7) both had good years, but it didn’t get them a playoff spot. Lucius Allen (17-3-5) was traded during the year to LA for the 20+-scoring-in-6 games Jim Price, who dropped off to 15 points with Milwaukee (and 5 assists…). Kareem would be joining Allen in LA after the year.

(19) 1978 Milwaukee Bucks (44-38) vs. (26) 2006 Milwaukee Bucks (40-42)

Decent team…Brian Winters had 20-3-5, and Marques Johnson had 20-11 (very good year for him…keep in mind he is a rookie…unfortunately, his boards slip down to around the 7 range after this, which is his career average…). Dave Meyers had 15-7, Junior Bridgeman had 14-4, and Alex English had 10 points, but he’s gone by next year, he’d sign in Indiana after the year.

Michael Redd had 25-4-3, while they had….Bobby Simmons (13 points), TJ Ford (12-4-7), Mo Williams (12-3-4), and Andrew Bogut had 9-7 to debut.

(20) 1990 Milwaukee Bucks (44-38) vs. (25) 2004 Milwaukee Bucks (41-41)

Ricky Pierce had 23 points (in 59 games) a night (OFF THE BENCH!!!), and Jay Humphries had 15-3-6. Jack Sikma had 14-7, and Alvin Robertson had 14-7-6 (and 2.6 steals…).

Michael Redd had 22-5, Desmond Mason had 14-4, and Joe Smith had 11-9…nothing special.

(21) 1988 Milwaukee Bucks (42-40) vs. (24) 2002 Milwaukee Bucks (41-41)

Sidney Moncrief had only 11-3-4, so this was Terry Cumming’s team (21-7). Jack Sikma had 17-9, and Paul Pressey had 13-5-7. Ricky Pierce played only 37 games this season.

This will be Robinson’s (21-6) last year in Milwaukee (he was traded to Atlanta after the year, where he had 21 points in 2003…), as was Ray Allen (22-5-4), as he was traded mid-year the next year for Gary Payton and Desmond Mason essentially. Sam Cassell had 20-4-7 this year, and Michael Redd had 11-3.

(22) 2000 Milwaukee Bucks (42-40) vs. (23) 2003 Milwaukee Bucks (42-40)

Well, here’s our last matchup. The Bucks finish BARELY above .500, after such a long stretch above 50 wins…This year, Allen had 22-4-4, Robinson had 21-6, and Sam Cassell had 19-4-9.

Ray Allen (21-5-4) was traded mid-year for Desmond Mason (15-7), and Gary Payton (20-3-7), who they didn’t really need because they had Cassell (20-4-6) at point.

Well, there are the Bucks…so really good players, Kareem, Dandridge, Moncrief, Johnson, Allen, Robinson, and Redd…A good team much of their history, and there was a short period in the 70s when they varied between great, and legendary. 

Ladies and gentlemen, your Milwaukee Bucks! Next, Kevin Garnett, and the Minnesota Timberwolves!

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