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The Cavs (Part 1)

Ahhh yes. The Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron, my most hated player. I will (maybe) keep my hate to a minimum. Is that all you see? What about Mark Price, and Brad Daugherty of the 90s? Delve into Cavs history!

(One note…I will not say anything to insult LeBron, I will just say his statline. I don’t feel like insulting him during the morning….)

(1) 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers (66-16)

The Cavs get a first round bye…James had 28-8-7-almost 2 steals-1 block. Mo Williams was the point, giving in 18-3-4, while the big center, Zydrunas Ilgauskas (I can spell that with no help….) had 13-8, plus some outside shooting that kills you if left open. Delonte West had 12-3-4. Splitting starting minutes, Anderson Varejao had 9-7, while the 14.5 Million Dollar Man (Ben Wallace) put up a whopping 3-7 (nice job trading your core players for an overpaid 34 year old, remember they traded Gooden and Hughes to get him). Made it to the East Finals before falling to Orlando.

(2) 2010 Cleveland Cavaliers (61-21) vs. (41) 1982 Cleveland Cavaliers (15-67)

The MVP James had 30-7-9. Mo Williams was still at point guard, this year, having 16-3-5, not bad. Zydrunas Ilgauskas (7-5) became expendable (as Shaq ((12-7)) was starting) in a deal that brought in Antawn Jamison for the end of the year, and he had 16-8 with Cleveland. Ilgauskas resigned with the Cavs after he refused to play for Washington. Varejao had a respectable 9-8.

Have you heard of Ted Stepien? Possibly the worst owner if pro basketball (never mind, is). He traded valuable 1st rounders, and nearly killed the Cavs…During this year Mike Mitchell (20-5) was traded (stats for Cavs only…), but they got back Ron Brewer (19-2-3, yes he is Ronnie Brewer’s dad). James Edwards stayed the whole way (17-8), and they acquired Cliff Robinson (16-10), but traded Bill Laimbeer (7-6, but to be important later), and Kenny Carr (15-9) for Paul Mokeski! Other contributors: Geoff Huston (10-8), and Scott Wedman (11-6-3). Just a lot of individuals floating around…The trades become a recurring theme, by the way.

(3) 1989 Cleveland Cavaliers (57-25) vs. (40) 1971 Cleveland Cavaliers (15-67)

Finally, the late 80s/early 90s Cavs. This is a good team here, and I am rooting for one of this variety to win the Cavs tourney. Such a balanced team with Ron Harper (19-5-5-2 steals) manning the backcourt, with sharpshooter Mark Price (19-3-8, he shot 53% FG, 90% FT, and 44% 3P). Their top notch center was Brad Daugherty (19-9-4), and they also had Larry Nance in the front court (17-8 and almost 3 blocks). The other starter was Mike Sanders 9-4-2, while the bench was manned by Hot Rod Williams (12-6) and Craig Ehlo (7-4-3, and I know you think of the shot, but look up some highlights of him…he was pretty good….). How strong is that? I bet they are in contention for the Cavs title! But they could only get to the first round in 1989….

Year One of the Cavs…Not pretty. Walt Wesley was the high scorer (18) and rebounder (9), while John Johnson (17-7-5) and Bingo Smith (15-6-3) were major contributors (no really). McCoy McLemore (12-8-3, in only 58 games) was another cog to 15 wins. John Warren and Dave Sorenson both provided double digit scoring.

(4) 1992 Cleveland Cavaliers (57-25) vs. (39) 2003 Cleveland Cavaliers (17-65)

Maybe this team is less balanced, and not as good as the 89 team, they still have a great year. Brad Daugherty was a clear star (22-10-4), while Mark Price still shined (17-2-7, but not as good shooting). Larry Nance aged, but still put up a similar 17-8-3 plus 3 blocks. Craig Ehlo improved with age, this year having 12-5-4. Hot Rod Williams this year manned the bench, but still had 12-8-3, and 2 blocks, in 30 minutes action. Strong team, maybe not as strong as 1989 though, even if they made the East Finals this year.

This team tanked enough to earn LeBron. Ricky Davis played well this year; he had 21-5-6 this season. Rookie Carlos Boozer provided the 10-8 every night, while Zydrunas Ilgauskas had a respectable 17-8 year. Dajuan Wagner (at age 19) had 13-2-3 in half a season (which he never matched again). Jumaine Jones had 10-5.

(5) 1993 Cleveland Cavaliers (54-28) vs. (38) 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers (19-63)

Again, not as balanced (and they got swept by the Bulls…), but the still have Brad Daugherty (20-10-4) and Mark Price (18-3-8). Larry Nance was great at 33, he had 17-9-3, plus 2 and a half blocks. Craig Ehlo is a regular starter, as he put up 12-5-3, while Hot Rod Williams was on the bench most of the time, he had 11-6. Gerald Wilkins had 11 points this year.

The year after LeBron was not pretty…And hopefully you can remember it. Jamison was the high man, as he led with 18-7. 13-3-7 came from Mo Williams until he was traded for Baron Davis (14-2-6). JJ Hickson had 14-9, and they got 13 from Ramon Sessions, and an impressive 9-10 from Anderson Varejao.

(6) 2006 Cleveland Cavaliers (50-32) vs. (37) 1983 Cleveland Cavaliers (23-59)

Pretty crappy team other than the treasured LeBron James, who had 31-7-7 this year. Ilgauskas wasn’t totally a stiff yet, he managed 16-8 this year. Drew Gooden gave a critical 11-8, while they had Donyell Marshall living a 9-6 nightly. Their point guard was the awe-inspiring Eric Snow, who put up an incredible 5-2-4 in almost 30 minutes! How bad is that? They lost Larry Hughes early, when he was putting up 16-5-4, which hurt them later on.

Another year of player hot potato, as they traded their star (Scott Wedman, averaging 18-6), for basically nothing. Maybe he wasn’t the best though, as Cliff Robinson averaged a striking 18-11. They also got World B Free from San Diego, and he had 24-3-4 with Cleveland. Geoff Huston had 12-6, and Phil Hubbard had the only full year with Cleveland, as he had 10-6 with them. A lot of trades, but they got a star in one of the trades.

(7) 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers (50-32) vs. (36) 1972 Cleveland Cavaliers (23-59)

The only Finals team in Cleveland. They had James lead them with 27-7-6, but not much help after that. Larry Hughes (15-4-4), Drew Gooden (11-9) and Zydrunas Ilgauskas (12-8) were his only other really teammates. In a related story, they were swept (swept!) by San Antonio.

The future looked a little better, as they were a young, young team, highlighted by rookie Austin Carr, who had 21-4-3, even though he only played 43 games because of a leg injury. John Johnson had 17-7-5 in the absence of Carr, while Butch Beard had 15-4-7. Also on the boards, you had Rick Roberson (13-13) and Walt Wesley (12-9, and doubled as the eldest on the Cavs, at a ripe 27). 15-6-3 came from Bingo Smith, and they got 10-2-2 from Charlie Davis. Lots of great stats, but not lots of winning.

(8) 1976 Cleveland Cavaliers (49-33) vs. (35) 1984 Cleveland Cavaliers (28-54)

The first playoff team in Cleveland history! Jim Chones was a huge player in that, as he had 16-9. Jim Brewer had his apex year of 12-11, and Campy Russell gave a lot of scoring (15), in only a few minutes (24). Still contributing, Bingo Smith gave 14 points, Dick Snyder gave them 13 points, and 12-4-5 came from Jim Cleamons. Austin Carr’s prime had come and gone, he averaged a meager 10 points (he’s only 27! Though they did only play him around 20 minutes a game…but still.) Also making a cameo, Nate Thurmond limped to a paltry 5-5. But their first playoff team was oddly successful; the Cavs made the East Finals before falling to the soon-to-be-champs (Boston).

With their owner (Ted Stepien) gone, maybe they would not trade all their first rounders, and maybe they wouldn’t trade all their best players. That was the case, as they kept World B Free and let him shine for 22-3-3. Cliff Robinson (in his final season here) also had a spectacular 18-10. Other key players: Lonnie Shelton and Phil Hubbard, both giving 11-5, and Geoff Huston, averaging 11-1-5 a night. They were improving, but not enough to make the playoffs.

(9) 1994 Cleveland Cavaliers (47-35) vs. (34) 1981 Cleveland Cavaliers (28-54)

1994. Even with Jordan gone, Cleveland could get past them (even getting swept). Not like this is a bad team though. Mark Price is still playing at a high level with his 17-3-8 night after night. Brad Daugherty played his last year in the NBA; putting up 17-10 (he had back issues). Larry Nance also ended his career, as he had 11-7 in only 33 games. Gerald Wilkins stepped up for his nightly 14-4-3, while he had Hot Rod Williams at his back for 14-8-3. Also key (though in limited games), Tyrone Hill had 11-9. Pretty good team, but couldn’t get past the Bulls.

Less movement than other years under Ted Stepien, but movement nonetheless. Most of it happened with the lesser players, and not the bigger names. Mike Mitchell was one of the keepers, averaging 25-6, while making the All-Star team. Kenny Carr was the high efficient forward averaging 15-10 on 51% shooting. Randy Smith had 15-2-4, while Roger Phegley had 14-3. The most famous name on the team, Bill Laimbeer had 10-9-3 daily, while the base of the team was held by the 10-3-6 (and nearly 2 steals) of Mike Bratz and the 10-5 of Richard Washington. Maybe a half decent team….

(10) 1996 Cleveland Cavaliers (47-35) vs. (33) 2002 Cleveland Cavaliers (29-53)

This team had an assortment of interesting players, but they were led by the point by the name of Terrell Brandon (19-3-7, and 1.8 steals), and Chris Mills’ 15-6-2. Bobby Phills had 15-4-4. That’s not “interesting”, but this team featured Danny Ferry oddly doing well (13-4-2) and had the famous “baby Jordan” bust, Harold Miner, for 3 points. Some former great (or pretty good) players made appearances, like Thunder Dan Majerle, who had 11-4-3, and former rebounding champ Michael Cage (6-9). Interesting team.

Andre Miller had a great year on these Cavs, averaging 17-5-11. His main scorer was Lamond Murray (that basically summed up the season) for 17-5. Wesley Person had 15-4 this year, while Ricky Davis had 12-3-2 off the bench. Center Zydrunas Ilgauskas had 11-5, while (in only 26 games) Tyrone Hill had 8-11. Also helping, Jumaine Jones had 8-6.

(With this post, I have posted everything I have written to this point....Posts might be coming slower ((if they can..))).

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