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The Mavs (Part 1)

The Mavs….the first thing I see is Dirk (a weird note on Dirk…I can’t seem to refer to him as “Nowitzki”…it just feels weird), but there was also Mark Aguirre, and J-Kidd…and one champ (take that Heat fans!). This should be interesting…..

(1) 2007 Dallas Mavericks (67-15)

This infamous Mavs team gets a bye (remember these guys after their meltdown in the first-round against Golden State). Led by MVP Dirk (25-9-3), plus instant offense from Jason Terry (17-3-5), and Josh Howard (19-7-2), these guys didn’t come out of the playoffs anywhere close to where they should have.

(2) 2003 Dallas Mavericks (60-22) vs. (31) 1993 Dallas Mavericks (11-71)

A talented team, led by a younger Dirk (25-10-3), and star point guard Steve Nash (good for 18-3-7), not to mention a solid season from Michael Finley (19-6-3), makes 60 wins. This team may do some damage in this tourney.

We get our first glace of the 90’s trainwreck in Dallas, led to 70+ losses by Derek Harper (18-2-5), Sean Rooks (14-7), and Terry Davis (13-9). This team missed rookie Jim Jackson, who played only 28 games, but had 16-4-5 in them.

(3) 2006 Dallas Mavericks (60-22) vs. (30) 1994 Dallas Mavericks (13-69)

Dirk led this team to the Finals with his 27-9-3, his best statistical season. After that, they had Jason Terry (17-2-4), Josh Howard (16-6….I can’t take him seriously though after how he’s done in DC), plus Jerry Stackhouse (13-3-3). Of course, this would have been a champ…If the refs/David Stern thought Miami would be better…

Yet another awful 90’s year. They got rookie Jamal Mashburn to take the reins for 19-5-3, but was greatly helped by the returning Jim Jackson (19-5-5). Derek Harper was traded, so it was just two young players carrying this team.

(4) 2005 Dallas Mavericks (58-24) vs. (29) 1981 Dallas Mavericks (15-67)

The top Mavs teams are dominated by the 2000s (11 of the first 13 are from 2001 on…) and they should (not much else to celebrate in Dallas ((except for the Cowboys…blah…))). This is a great variation, featuring Dirk (26-10-3), who was helped by Michael Finley (16-4-3), now in his last Dallas year. Jerry Stackhouse (15-3-2), Jason Terry (12-2-5) and Josh Howard (13-6) were the glue, keeping this team at the top (only to lose to Phoenix).

In year one of Dallas….nothing happened. Literally nothing. I have nothing to say. Nobody relevant played. I won’t say anything and you can’t make me. All there is to it…it’s a miracle they won as many as they did…

(5) 2002 Dallas Mavericks (57-25) vs. (28) 1998 Dallas Mavericks (20-62)

Led by the duo of Dirk (23-10) and Michael Finley (21-5-3), plus the passing of Steve Nash (18-3-8), this team ran into the Kings, and lost 4-1. Juwan Howard was good for 13-7 in 2002.

This is the year right before Dirk (and Dirk wasn’t really good next year, so it’s a few before it’s the Dirk we know…), so Michael Finley had the reins, riding them with 22-5-5, which was good for 20 wins. Cedric Ceballos had 17-6 in 12 games after he was traded to Dallas. And of course, there was the immortal Shawn Bradley, averaging 3.3 blocks nightly.

(6) 2011 Dallas Mavericks (57-25) vs. (27) 1992 Dallas Mavericks (22-60)

There’s the lone Mavs champ! Before I list stats, I want to thank everyone of the members of this team; thanks for the joy of seeing Miami lose, thanks for that unforgettable moment when Bosh breaks down, thanks for everything. Anyway, with the thanks out of the way…this team featured Dirk (23-7) and Terry (16-2-4) fighting off old age to capture a title. Shawn Marion (13-7) isn’t that young either (nor J-Kidd, good for 8-8, finally capturing a title). Caron Butler went down with an injury, but not before 15-4 contributed in 29 games. Tyson Chandler was the center, averaging 10-9 for the champs.

Led by the duo of Derek Harper (18-3-6) and Ronaldo Blackman (18-3-3, in his last Mavs year), this year is another example of bad times in 90s Dallas. They had very little help after their top players (mostly just Herb Williams ((12-6)) and Terry Davis ((10-10))).

(7) 1987 Dallas Mavericks (55-27) vs. (26) 1997 Dallas Mavericks (24-58)

MUCH happier times in Dallas. Mark Aguirre was still featured prominently (26-5-3), and he got lots of help from Derek Harper (16-3-8) and Ronaldo Blackman (21-4-3). Sam Perkins hasn’t left yet, and he had 15-8 this year. James Donaldson had 11-12 on a dangerous team.

Crazy year, as 27 different players wore Mavs unis this year. Jason Kidd was sent packing, in a deal that netted them Michael Finley (16-5-3). Jim Jackson was also sent away. Shawn Bradley came into Dallas; Sam Cassell came…then got traded. Jamal Mashburn got sent out, but an older Derek Harper returned for 10-2-4. A huge mess, with Dallas spewing all its skilled (yet mostly troubled) young stars (though they did get Finley….)

(8) 2010 Dallas Mavericks (55-27) vs. (25) 1996 Dallas Mavericks (26-56)

When the Mavs were good…they were 50+ wins good. Dirk had 25-8-3 this season, and was helped by late season trade that got them Caron Butler (I always thought Ernie Grunfield was a moron…and this reinforces it. Why the hell would you trade Butler when you have Arenas to trade! Do you really want to build around HIM rather than Caron? You screwed it up when you gave him that HUGE contract…you SCREWED THE TEAM! And you got back CRAP from Jamison, Butler, AND ARENAS….Sorry, I couldn’t help it…)….where was I? Ah…yes. Caron averaged 15-5 for them. Terry had 17-2-4 nightly. And Kidd played well with his 10-6-9 nightly.

This was a screwed season (would have been anyway…) because Mashburn (averaging 23-5-3) got injured. Jim Jackson played pretty good (20-5-3) as did (oddly enough) George McCloud (19-5-3). J-Kidd was great in his sophomore performance (17-7-10), and Popeye Jones continued to scare children…I mean grad 11-11 nightly.

Part 2 will be coming soon...

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