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The Nuggets (Part 2)

Here's part 2.....

(11) 1986 Denver Nuggets (47-35) vs. (26) 1996 Denver Nuggets (35-47)

Another high scoring Nuggets team, this one with Alex English at the top of his powers, putting up 30-5-4 every night. Calvin Natt had 18-6, and the do-everything point guard, Fat Lever, had 14-5-8-2 steals. Wayne Cooper and Bill Hanzlik had double figures for Denver.

This isn’t a very interesting team. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was the high scorer (though in limited games), putting up 19-2-7. Dale Ellis gave 15-4, and Bryant Stith gave 14-5-3. Their big men were Mutombo (11-12), and a young Antonio McDyess (13-8).

(12) 1982 Denver Nuggets (46-36) vs. (25) 1993 Denver Nuggets (36-46) 

This season had four 20+ scorers on them. Led by Alex English (25-6-5), they also had Dan Issel (23-8-2), and Kiki Vandeweghe (22-7-3). David Thompson was also on the team (15-2-2), but was neglected to the bench, even after making a solid performance last season. This would be his last year in Denver.

This is a decent team…they have Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (19-3-4), plus a monstrous Dikembe Mutombo (14-13, 3.5 blocks), in addition to Reggie Williams (17-5-4) and LaPhonso Ellis (15-9). Doesn’t have a chance against this team though…

(13) 1983 Denver Nuggets (45-37) vs. (24) 1987 Denver Nuggets (37-45)

This is a strong front three…no that’s an understatement…this is one of the best offensive front three ever. Led by smooth Alex English (28-7-5), incredible scoring from Kiki Vandeweghe (27-5-3), and an older, but still high level, Dan Issel (22-8-3)….but they have basically no one after that (Billy McKinney…worth 10-2-4, and TR Dunn, worth 8-8). Incredible top three…but basically suck after that (remind you of this year’s Heat?)

This is an OK team…they, of course, have English for 29-4-5, and the do-all point guard Fat Lever (19-9-8, and 2.5 steals). Four others give double digit scoring.

(14) 2007 Denver Nuggets (45-37) vs. (23) 1981 Denver Nuggets (37-45)

It was business as usual for Melo (29-6-4), who was joined by AI this year (25-3-7). For their big men, they had Nene (12-7), and Marcus Camby (11-12, and over 3 blocks). 

Here’s the English/Thompson duo we’ve been dreaming about! Thompson made a comeback, scoring 26 a night. English also dazzled with 24-8-4. Issel was a reliable scorer too, putting up 22-9. Rookie Kiki Vandeweghe also made an appearance, though only scoring 12-5.

(15) 1989 Denver Nuggets (44-38) vs. (22) 1984 Denver Nuggets (38-44)

Another scoring machine, this had English putting up 27-4-5, Lever swooping to 20-9-8-2.7 steals, and Michael Adams dishing out 19-4-6. Walter Davis showed no age, as he had 16 off the bench, and Danny Schayes had a great 13-7 year. They had no help after that but….this is still a pretty good team.

English was still a high scorer (26-6-5), but he had to take a backseat to Kiki Vandeweghe this year, as he had 29-5-3. Dan Issel is still going strong, averaging 20-7 this season. Rob Williams had 10-3-6 this year for Denver. Another high scoring team….by this tourney (the Nuggets one I mean) will be determined by who scores more…not who shuts who down.

(16) 2006 Denver Nuggets (44-38) vs. (21) 2001 Denver Nuggets (40-42)

Not a very great team…they had Melo (27-5-3), Andre Miller (14-4-8), not to mention the fierce force of Camby on the defensive end (13-12-2, and 3 blocks). Not spectacular…but who is at this point in a tourney…

Antonio McDyess had this team under his command…he had 21-12, while the point guard was manned by Nick Van Excel (18-3-9). Raef LaFrentz had 13-8 in 2001 for this Denver Nuggets team.
(17) 1990 Denver Nuggets (43-39) vs. (20) 1995 Denver Nuggets (41-41)

English fell down to 18-4-3 this year, but Fat Lever was there to keep playing great, averaging 18-9-7. Walter Davis gave 18-3-2, and they got double figures and 7 boards from Blair Rasmussen, and Danny Schayes. 

Nothing really happens here….not really anything. Sure, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf had 16 points, and Mutombo did have a good year of 12-13 and 4 blocks (4!), but they are pretty much irrelevant after that. 

(18) 2004 Denver Nuggets (43-39) vs. (19) 1994 Denver Nuggets (42-40)

With that, the average Nuggets team is above .500. This year, we saw the debut of Carmelo Anthony, as he put up 21-6-3 as a rookie. Andre Miller was a great backcourt man, averaging 15-5-6, and they got boards from Nene (12-7), and Marcus Camby (9-10).

This team is relevant only because they beat the top seeded Sonics in the first round this year. Abdul-Rauf had 18-2-5, while they were led by the 12-12 (and 4 blocks) of Dikembe Mutombo. LaPhonso Ellis added 15-9, and 13 points came from both Reggie Williams and Bryant Stith. This team may make it through the 04 Nuggets…but not much after that.

That concludes the Nuggets. I enjoyed our ride through Denver’s history…especially Alex English and the 80s. We’ve seen English, Thompson, and Melo…some big names….but no champs to Denver. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Denver Nuggets! Next is Isiah Thomas, Bob Lanier, Grant Hill, and 3 Pistons champs next!

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