Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Best Team of All Time

Have you ever wondered if this NBA team you’re watching is the best of its franchise? How would it fare against the previous year’s team? Or even if it is the best team of all time in the NBA? Welcome to the best NBA team of all time project. (There goes my free time…)

What is it? It is basically a playoff to find the best team of all time.
(I’m betting on the Celtics to pull through, maybe the underrated ’73 team ((Spoken from a Celtics fan))…But you never know when LA ((Any Shaq-Kobe team, or ’85, or even (((to a lesser extent))) ’72)), or MJ will strike…Plus, with some good Sixers teams, some Warriors ((they really were good…in the 40s (((not covered, though Joe Fulks was one of the best players then))) and the 50s (((Neil Johnston…Paul Arizin ect))) and the 60s (((Barry, Wilt, and Thurmond))), plus there was the ’75 title team))) teams, and of course the Knicks ((the maybe overrated ’70 year). But don’t rule out anything ((except maybe the Bobcats…))). First, I ranked the best seasons of each team (i.e. the Hawks best season is 1987, followed by 1994; and so forth, all the way through 1951-52) by win percentage. Then I match them up to play best of three series in the first few rounds. The team semifinals (Final Four) will be best of five series, and the team championships will be best of seven. Each team will have championships (yes, even the Bobcats). Once each has been decided (which may take a while, as the Celtics and numerous others have 60 teams), we will have the winner from each team play each other. They will be best of 5 series until the Final 8, which will be best of seven.

I will be using the WhatIf Sport Simulation Engine, which is why it goes back to ’52 only. This is FOR THE NBA ONLY. I wish to clarify that. NBA teams with ABA roots will be included only going back to the merger. I will review the teams later. I hope you enjoy this project. Ask any questions and post any comments.

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  1. Get ready for a long, long journey.....

    I will post more stuff later, I have 3 (long) posts written out so far....


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