Friday, December 16, 2011

The Grizzlies Game Results (Part 1: 2002 vs. 2001)

This is it. The games. I’ve been waiting so long for this (I can’t believe I stuck with the previews…Four months…FOUR…And 76,299 words.). As we said before, the Griz are our first team…Basically, it will look like this: The same line that I managed to burn into your brain during the preview (the (1) 2011 Blah (82-0) vs. (60000000000) 2010 Blah (0-82)), the box scores, and maybe some words of wisdom (or interesting (read: failed predictions) I said during the previews…Let’s get it ON! (But first………………..Some more notes. We start with the last matchup I wrote previews for in the last time. Since it is a three game series, they basically alternate home vs. away, with the higher seed being home…And lastly…if you have any complaints about the way I assign minutes, please comment ((I try…but WhatIf Sports isn’t the smartest at assigning minutes…). (Here are some notes added later: Sorry about the HUGE delay. I had a bout of laziness. I HAVE done 1/3rd of the 1st round sims. This really is a pain to do, so we are doing one matchup per post. Thanks for the wait.)

(8) 2001 Vancouver Grizzlies (23-59) vs. (9) 2002 Memphis Grizzlies (23-59)

The moment you have all been waiting for (OK, maybe not this matchup….But still….)……The games!

Game 1

2001 Wins 94-74

2001 Leads Series 1-0

Game 2

2002 Wins 103-89

Series Tied 1-1….So Memphis comes back for a climatic game 3 in Vancouver……

Game 3

2002 Wins 101-88

2002 Wins Series 2-1

2002 forces a Game 3 and wins on the road! 25-11 in Game 2 from Gasol, and 15-15 in Game 3 to clinch it. Very exciting…considering that we’re talking about 23-59 teams. And a rookie Pau.

 That concludes matchup one. More to come!

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